For anyone concerned about Phil Hughes

How's Chris Britton doing these days, anyway?
Tampa Yanks looking solid

I direct you to this page.

That said, yeah, losing yesterday sucked balls. How many of you went to bed with the Yanks winning, only to awaken disheartened in the morning? I checked my e-mail before I checked the box scores this morning, and had to find out via implication that the Yanks blew it. Yeah, not a good way to start a rainy freakin’ morning.

How's Chris Britton doing these days, anyway?
Tampa Yanks looking solid
  • Marc

    Yea, but, Smoltz had an arm far more special than young phil’s. Its simple, Phil is a nice young pitcher, but he sits at 90-92 with his fastball and that alone is scary. Please name me 5 aces since 1990 who had an equivalent fastball. Eeven Moose in his younger days sat around 92-93. I don’t see what makes him “ace” material… a good hook, good command and a mediocre fastball is all we’ve seen so far… What happened to the kid who sat 92-94? I haven’t been watching a guy with roy oswalt ability but rather a guy with brad radke like ability. Its just dissapointing because he doesn’t have the physical tools like advertised. Brad Radke was a nice starter but the physical expectations for Phil were more than Radke.

  • Mike A.

    4 mediocre starts, 1 good one & 1 great one as a 21-yr old in a wild card race? Oh no, he’s no ace! Trade him now before his value drops anymore!

    Relax, the kid’s fine, I’d take 5 of him in my rotation any day of the week, no questions asked.

    FYI – Smoltz was a 22nd round pick, so he wasn’t some super can’t miss prospect.

  • Jersey

    90-92? Phil seemed to be sitting 95 all night with the fastball, no?

  • Ben K.

    Gone to sleep? How many of us stayed up until fucking 2 a.m. to watch that shit? I literally dreamed of ways the Yanks could have won. Maybe I have a problem…

  • Jake T

    I stayed up, and was excited every inning, and was depressed this morning when i had to make up at 6 and had gotten 3 hours of sleep

  • mg

    So glad I chose to go to bed early down a run.

  • RollingWave

    The Fox gun had him at 93-95 most o the game last night.

    Seriously though

    1. he’s had only a handful of start AND pretty serious injury, there’s a serious chance he’s not mid season form.

    2. he’s whiffing more than anyone i ever seen at that age, the Rocket’s outcome at that game was similar except with less walk, almost everyone else that i recall being in the majors at that age level whiffed fewer (in most cases, far fewer) i just checked Felix / Fernando / Rocket’s / Smoltz & none of them could whiff like that.

    I think he’ll be perfectly fine, unless he’s still walking that many guys 2 month into the next season i see no reason to worry