Giambi escapes punishment


Jason Giambi will not be disciplined by Major League Baseball over his comments regarding past steroid use. Bud Selig announced in this press release his decision not to suspend Giambi because the Yanks’ slugger cooperated with George Mitchell’s investigation and has donated a lot of money to charitable organizations, work Selig considers to be “terribly important.” Somehow, Selig managed to turn Giambi, who was just being honest, into a sympathetic figure here, and now we know that money will go a long way toward acting like a Get Out of Jail Free card.

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  • marc

    ally, i like Jason, i enjoy watchign him, i root for him and the steroid thing doesn’t bother me like it should… Gaylord Perry is a known cheater and no one gives a shit, koufax and gibson pitched from raised mounds, ruth faced more or less only caucasians, amphetamine use has been rampant for years and anyone who trys to tell me gehrig and ripken played every game without a hint of an upper in there system i won’t believe. Steroids can be dangerous but they aren’t the worst thign to happen to this game like people make them out to be. part of baseball is cheating, stealing signs, whatever just to get an edge. Wheter it is for the cash or for the pride some people find ti neccesary to do anything they can to get an edge so why only incriminate those who used chemicals to do so.

  • Barry

    what does ruth only facing “Caucasians” have to do with anything.