Goodbye Cairo, Hello Giambi

Yo-yo for Johan
How soon will Joba be in the Bronx? Very soon

Anyone else read Chad Jennings’s Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yanks blog? I seriously check it as often as I check Pete Abraham’s blog. He’s a pretty reasonable dude, too. For instance, in his latest post about what to do with Shelley Duncan when Giambi comes back:

I like Cairo, but I’d rather have a huge right-handed power threat than a utility infielder who’s going to hardly play. Especially when there’s another utility infielder who’s hardly going to play already on the roster.

Bravo, Chad. Bravo.

He also adds that Jason Giambi will be heading to Scranton for a rehab assignment:

Jason Giambi will make a rehab appearance with the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees on Friday during the team’s double header against Buffalo. I haven’t heard whether he will play in both games, but it seems that he will.

According to the Yankees, Giambi will be reevaluated after Friday’s games to determine whether he remains with the Triple-A team or returns to New York.

Our team! It’s getting better!

Yo-yo for Johan
How soon will Joba be in the Bronx? Very soon
  • Mike


  • mehmattski

    I’d like to check the SWB blog, but it doesn’t have an RSS feed. How am I supposed to keep up with it? A bookmark, you say? Pah. That’s SO 2003.

  • Joseph P.

    Are you using Firefox, mehmattski? I keep up with it via RSS, so I know the feed is available. Just click the RSS button in the address bar on the site.

  • Gibb

    I like Cairo, but agree that he become redundant with the addition of Betemit and is therefore expendable.

    But, given that Torre like Cairo, do you think that we will actually get rid of him? I have a terrible feeling that Phillips or Duncan would be the first to go.


  • Joseph P.

    No doubt, Gibb; I have that feeling, too. But Jennings makes the point that I think everyone needs to consider: Duncan is far more valuable off the bench than Cairo. In my mind, Betemit is here to get rid of the crapiness that is Cairo. When was the last time we had a good utility infielder?

  • dan

    not only is cairo redundant, he’s completely useless