He’s killing our chemistry!


Yes, it’s a small sample. But in 24 plate appearances since returning, Jason Giambi it hitting .348/.375/.870, with half of his eight hits clearing the fence. Before sustaining the injury to his plantar fascia, he hit .322/.404/.517 in April.

Giambi will help the Yankees in whatever role he can. I just hope he gets to play four or more days a week.

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  • barry

    i agree, much more power in the lineup with giambi back


    he is fine now, but if the hits and Hrs turn to walks and he goes station to station ,just kinda clogging the bases ,we will be better off with Damon because he has some speed

  • Luddy Bazcej

    loved the crowd reaction at his second hr last night…that buzzing awe. sounded like the whole stadium said whoa at the same time. great stuff, glad hes back and healthy.

  • hmm

    im hoping #2 poster is kiddng around bu t i cant tell


    not kidding…if he slumps what good is he being slow on the bases?
    it isn’t an issue now but what if?

  • steve

    so what you are saying is that if Giambi stops hitting, he’ll hurt the yankees? incisive.

  • barry

    Did anyone just see that play to end the top of the 3rd, Clemens is an artist.

  • Malcard89

    now joseph, was that mockery-title really necessary…? you know as well as we do rite now that joe torre is actually doing a good job of giving his bench players/DHs equal playing time and that was the right way to bring Giambi back all along. we were worried that he would completely replace duncan/betemit/phillips, as wouldve been the trend in past years (sheffield replacing phillips at 1st base, etc.) but that hasnt happened.

  • barry

    beantown, if giambi gets stuck on the base we can just pr damon for him