• Mike K

    Okay, its just the frustration boiling over now, but I must ask, is Corey Patterson the best player on the planet? He is never not on base and steling against the Yanks. If someone told me Corey Patterson was batting .750 with 70 SBs against the Yanks over the past 2 seasons, I’d believe them.

  • http://SportingGurus.com Adam

    It’s very hard to find a first baseman, because the first base in Yankee Stadium is cursed since Tino Martinez left.

    It took away Giambi’s glove, and spit out Andy Phillips and Minky.

  • dan

    cano is also a magnificent fielder, its just second base is under the curse of chuck knoblauch. and damon cant throw b/c of the curse of bernie williams.

    “The Curse of… oh, let’s say, Clay Bellinger:
    It has been 2483 days, 14 hours, 7 minutes, and 9 seconds since the New York Yankees have won a World Series.”


  • Kyle

    Cano is a very good fielder

    Corey Patterson is hitting .389/.452/.583 against the Yanks this year with 5 SB in 36 At bats

  • RollingWave

    Wilson Betemit / Shelley Duncan platoon is a answer so obvious that Joe can’t possibly figure out. for the season, Betemit ‘s OPS = Canos, and his OPS from the left side has something between Adam Dunn and David Ortiz written on it. (just look at the numbers Ortiz put up at age 25 compare it with Betemit’s Dodger numbers) and they should just forget about him hitting from the right side and throw up Shelley whenever a lefty shows up, and if they fear for Shelley’s glove (a legitimate concern) throw in Phillips in the final few inning for good measure.