• Kyle

    I hate afternoon games, I am in work all day and will only be able to occasionally check the score

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Same here Kyle. Today will be a very unproductive day between checking on the game and looking out for draft signings.

  • Freddy

    Dunno whats worse…checking the score on my disgustingly slow computer at work or having to listen to Suzyn Waldman. Ugh.

  • http://SportingGurus.com Adam

    I expect a really, really good game today. I always enjoy seeing Hughes pitch, and seeing as Joba is “allowed” to go today, me thinks Torre will go ahead and toss him out there, too.

    As for Bedard, he’ll strikeout about 8 in like 6 innings. He’ll give up his 3 runs, but the Orioles are all scored-out after last night.

    Hughes-Joba-Rivera, Drive Home Safely.

  • nettles

    Speaking of Hughes, assuming we make the playoffs, what happens to him then? Typically you go with a four-man rotation in the playoffs, which I’m assuming would be Wang, Pettitte, Clemens and Moose. Do they move Phil to the bullpen?

  • Kyle

    No you dont let Mussina pitch

  • Ben

    Phil will be available in the BP. He’s one of our best pitchers. We could have used him (his ’07 version) when Wells spit the bit and walked off the mound in his ’03 WS start.

  • Adam

    Edwar and Sean Henn up, karstens and brower down. Not perfect, but by the day, it seems they’re getting closer to making the right decisions…

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    I suspect Phil would work out of the ‘pen in playoffs. Having a Phil Hughes to come out of the ‘pen in a long relief or strikeout situation is not a bad thing at all.

  • http://SportingGurus.com Adam

    I think I’d run with a 3 man rotation of Wang-Clemens-Hughes.

    Mussina is way too unreliable, and Pettitte is known for either being awesome in the postseason or very bad.

    Wang and Hughes are both young too, so I’d imagine they can handle a little less rest.

  • Joe

    What’s a good place to get draft updates?

  • dan

    there are virtually no draft updates available except for a little bit here and there. there will be a bunch of stuff coming out later today and tomorrow with the 2pm (i think) deadline

  • Count Zero

    My feeling on a playoff rotation:

    In game 7, ’04 ALCS we elected to start the veteran “Broken-Down Brown” and use Javi in long relief. I said before the game and ever afterward that was a mistake. You start the kid with no playoff experience and hope for the best as he comes into what you hope is a 0-0 game. If you need the long relief guy, you are probably already trailing by 3 and there are likely men on base when he comes in — I think that’s just too much pressure for someone without playoff experience. Javi showed that.

    Having a playoff=tested veteran like Moose able to come in in that situation is preferable to having Hughes come in. Remember Moose coming in in that situation in game 7, ’03 ALCS? He saved our butt that night. I can’t back that up with any facts, but I stand by it nonetheless. :-)

  • Malcard89

    Call me pessimistic, but i dont think we’re winning today’s game v. Bedard, he’s crazy good (even “crazy good-er” than phil).

  • Mike K

    Yankees down early against a good pitcher: Game over.

    I don’t care how many runs they’ve outscored people by during the year, doesn’t it seem like once they go down against a solid pitcher that their offense either a) gives up b) tries crush everything. Basically the reason we lost to the Tigers.