It’s just not fair

Deja Vu all over again for Trenton
Pitching, pitching & more pitching

Joba pumping 99 for an inning followed by Edwar’s filthy change? Yeah, good luck with that.

Update: 2 IP, no baserunners, 5 K combined for Joba & Edwar.

Update Part II: Edwar came back out for the 9th after the Yanks piled it on in the top of the frame. 3 IP, no baserunners, 5 K combined.

FYI – Johan Santana’s kinda good.

Deja Vu all over again for Trenton
Pitching, pitching & more pitching
  • Adam

    Well, you know as well as I do that Farnsworth and Villone could do that, only better!

  • Frank

    Say Johan is available this off-season. And say the Sox are willing to part with Buchholz, Masterson, and Ellsbury.

    The Yanks could top that package (say Hughes, Kennedy, and Tabata). Should they?

  • Stuart

    No way frankk…

    that would be the worst trade in Yankee history and Santana is great….

    Cashman would be lynched and should if they made a trade like that..

  • DKA

    Frank: Hell no.

    I’m hoping we have a shot at either Johan or Erik Bedard after 2008 and, I have to say, sometimes I think I’d rather them sign Bedard. Still, you sign that frontline guy to compliment the amazing assortment of home-grown talent we’ve got, not to replace it.

  • Frank

    Cashman would get lynched because he acquires a 28 year old left-hander with a 144 ERA+?

    I’m not sure I do the trade either but Johan is the best pitcher of this generation. If the Sox are all in (imagine: Beckett, Santana, Matsuzaka, and Lester) it might force the Yankee hand. Of course, I’d rather see Johan become a free agent. But it may not get that fall. And the Yanks have the prospects to get him.

  • Adam

    I wouldn’t.

    Not that it matters.

    Johan isn’t being dealt, and then the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, White Sox, Dodgers and Angels can all fight over him.

    Orioles too.

  • Frank

    Adam –

    Here’s the thing: Terry Ryan is too smart. If there’s no chance of signing Johan this off-season, he’ll take the best package. Between the Dodgers, Yanks, and Angels, they could get a fine package of three top-tier prospects. My guess is if he doesn’t sign by the winter meetings, there’s going to be alot of Johan noise.

  • Frank

    How about instead: Kennedy, Marquez, Clippard, and Tabata?

  • Luddy Bazcej

    Sorry Frank, not worth it.

    Marquez, Horne and Clippard? Id be interested.

  • tony from the bronx

    frank not enough your package must have a least hughes or chamberlin to start i would love to have santanna but trading for him is like paying double you would have to give up at least you 3 best young cheap players then you have to sign him for big money i think cashman is trying to get away from doing that kind of business also with pitching you never know when they throw there last pitch if bstn added him it would hurt but you must have faith in our young pitchers

  • RollingWave

    Frank, here’s the problem the Twins are almost surely competetive next year, why would they trade Johan unless the deal can help them in 08 too?

  • Mike A.

    I dunno, I don’t see the point of trading 3 or 4 very good young players for Johan when he can be had at the cost of only $$$ & a draft pick next winter. Just like Cash said about Teixeira: “I’m not going to pay twice for him.”

    There’s some seriously good LHP in next year’s FA class with Santana, Bedard and Sabathia. I’m a big CC fan, so I go after him.

  • NYFan50

    Mike, I’m a big CC fan as well. The risk of not trading for Santana, however, is that “paying twice” for someone assumes that you have the opportunity to pay for them at all. Very possible these guys could sign before they hit the FA market (not the ideal decision for value, but look what happened with Zambrano), which gives an acquiring team a leg up.

    I wouldn’t trade Joba or Hughes for him in a package deal, which is probably what it would require. But I’d give up Kennedy. And others. Yea, Kennedy has been good. Yea, the others might be young and intriguing and some of them MIGHT someday be great, but Santana IS great, and NOW. The best. And in the AL already. And prospects don’t always pan out the way they are supposed to. Kennedy isn’t Joba, and he isn’t Hughes. I think the Yanks would be crazy to turn down a deal if the best prospect involved was Kennedy.

  • Mike A.

    I agree NYFan50, if the best player in the package you give up is IPK, how do you not pull the trigger? But, Terry Ryan is certainly no idiot, and knows he can clean house and make a deal that’ll set his franchise up for years. If he asked for Hughes & Joba, he wouldn’t be out of line.

  • NYFan50

    Mike: Yea, I agree. If I was Terry Ryan I’d ask for Hughes and Joba, too. You sort of have to. He’d be crazy to give up Santana for a package headlined by Kennedy, IMO. It’s why I said it would be crazy not to take it. The odds of getting a guy like Santana without including at least one of Joba or Hughes has got to be pretty close to zero. This is why any kind of Santana to the Yankees trade is unlikely to happen. People will talk about it, but it will never get done. The Yanks aren’t going to give up Joba or Hughes, and so Ryan will get a better package from someone else (the Angels?) if he chooses to deal Santana.

  • Barry

    edwar will be a weapon because he’ll be extremely underestimated for a short time. Hopefully he can keep doing what he’s doing. The yankee pitching staff is just a dream right now.

  • Adam

    Well, ignore Sabathia, he’ll be extended next season, for sure. Bedard is the same deal.

    The Twins can’t afford to re-sign Santana, and trading him means instant drops in attendance and therefore revenue.

    Not going to happen either.

    Like I’ve said for a while, the Mets, Yanks and Sox (both colors) all have #57 reserved for Santana.

  • The Scout

    I know we’ve had this conversation about Santana before, and the same names were tossed around. To recall a few points: the deals only make sense of the Twins let the other team (Yankees or any other) have a window to negotiate a long-term deal; Santana is a leftie and the Yankees do not have any front-line lefty talant that is remotely close to being ready; the Twins will require one of either Hughes or Chamberlain (Kennedy is an interesting prospect, but not front-of-rotation quality in the view of most scouts); if the Yankees are determined to hold both Hughes and Chamberlain, Santana goes elsewhere.

    Santana is not physically huge and he has a good number of innings on his arm. So add this to the equation: he’ll expect a seven-year deal. Do you want to be locked into such a long-term deal? How well have those worked out for teams in te past? If you are lucky, you get four good seasons and then pay for three more as the pitcher heads downhill.

    BTW, don’t expect Bedard or Sabathia to make it to free agency. Very few top starters get the far.

    On balance, I think I’ll stick with the kids — young, seemingly healthy, and cheap.

  • Frank

    Wouldn’t a deal of “Anyone but Joba and Hughes” be very competitive? Would the Dodgers throw in Billingsley?

  • Frank

    Actually, as I thought of it, what better packages are out there?

  • DKA

    The days of jumping in because the Red Sox “forced our hand” are over. They can sacrifice their future to trade for whoever they want. We will have the talent to beat them. The future looks extremely bright.

  • E-ROC

    I don’t think Johan will be available to be traded. IMO, Joe Nathan could be available this winter for a trade. Isn’t Nathan a free agent after next season? I wouldn’t trade for Johan Santana. We’ll need Joba, Hughes, Kennedy, Action Jackson, and Jose Tabata sooner than we think.

    We should sign CC Sabathia, provided he doesn’t get hurt or bigger.

  • Andrew

    The Twins are almost certainly going to be in contention next year, with Garza solidifying and Liriano coming back, their pitching could be devastating. They have Santana at a bargain rate for a year, why would they get rid of it?

    If by some chance the Twins are out of it by the All-Star break in ’08, then look for them to deal their ace. Otherwise, forget about it.