• http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    How’s this for a sick stat: Joba threw just 21 pitches tonight, which works out to 3.5 pitches per batter. He struck out 4 guys in 2 innings averaging 3.5 pitcher per batter. I need one of those little lobster bibs to keep the drool off my shirt.

    (hat tip to Pinto)

  • Tom O

    He’s just an amazing pitcher to watch. His dominance and poise on the mound is astounding. I just have to drop everything I’m doing and truly focus on his pitching.

    I gotta say, I’m loving the stuff he has.

  • kris

    t’is a bad night for trolls…

  • nettles

    He really has a presence out there on the mound. You get the feeling that he’s not going to get overwhelmed by success or let it go to his head. Did you catch the game on Wednesday night? Joba and Mo were talking in the bullpen during the blowout. It was great to see the Master guiding the Pupil.

    Hughes was nails tonight as well. And, we haven’t even seen Ian Kennedy yet. God, it’s a great time to be a Yankees fan!

  • younguns

    With the Yankees needing a starter this coming Wednesday to replace a suspended Rocket, why don’t the Yankees use Joba for a spot start? He would be starting on the normal 5 days of rest and from everything we have seen so far, is not fazed at all about pitching in the Major Leagues. If the Yankees manage to blow out Cleveland on Saturday, then maybe you can bring him in for 1 inning on Sunday or Monday and use the relief appearance as his throw day. This way, he will be ready to make the start on Wednesday against Baltimore.

    The problem, though, is that Erik Bedard is scheduled to make the start against the Yankees on Wednesday.

    The alternative to calling up Kennedy and putting him on the 40-man roster would be to start either Igawa, Karstens, or Matt Desalvo.

  • Stuart

    Joba is in the pen until next yr. Bad bad idea…..

  • Jake T

    Did he do that little glove off walk in a circle thing after each strike out in the minors too? Don’t get me wrong, i loooove it, i was just wondering.

  • barry

    local news here in PA said Ian would be in new york for clemens, dont know how accurate but hopefully.

  • tony from the bronx

    after the game when kim jones interviewed phil she asked about joba performance hughes siad it is unfair when joba throws his slider man he is the goods phil is also the goods i hope the yanks use kennedy for clemens start cashman deserves a lot of credit he didnt panic kept the health of the org.first and didnt worry about his own job god what a night to be a yankee fan gagne gets shelled (o k 2 runs were unearned) but still he blew a 4 run lead since the all star break he hasnt been all that notice michael kay now talking about kennedy and horne like he knows who or what they are

  • Loweman

    Holy run-on, Batman. That took me a few tries to get through…

    I went to the Rochester game when the Scranton Yanks were in town, just to see Joba start… unfortunately that was right when they moved him to the bullpen. Scranton was getting beat up and I was getting picked on by the local Rochester fans (as I sat with a Yankee hat), but then Joba came in for the 7th. The look on their faces as he hit 99 on the gun multiple times! Scranton lost, but seeing him K the side was well worth it. Also it was fun seeing Igawa shagging balls and playing long-toss with outfielders in between innings… poor guy.