Memo to Joe Torre

Turns out that Chris Britton isn't sleeping with Cashman's wife; he's sleeping with Torre's wife
Division Title for Trenton

Jason Giambi just hit a ball so hard he hurt the pitcher’s shoulder. That’s his 5th homer in 13 games since returning from the DL.

Please quit the shit and put him in the lineup everyday.


Turns out that Chris Britton isn't sleeping with Cashman's wife; he's sleeping with Torre's wife
Division Title for Trenton
  • Marc

    I still wanna know what happened to a 21 year old’s fastball that it now sits at an uncomfortable 90mph. It’s a shitty fielding matsui, and poor location that has blown hughes up but come on. where is the life to the fastball? I guess he eats the same PB and J as the Moose, no? Phil bashing is becoming a hobby of mine altho i really really enjoy watching his starts. It makes up for a shitty season, and i do hafta agree with Mike A. that almost no-no completely altered my expectations of a 21 year old.

  • Mike A.

    Phil’s falling into too much a pattern. His changeup is a quality pitch but he’s not using it either because a) he has no confidence in it, or b) because he thinks he can get by without it.

    He’s 21, he’ll figure it out and be fine. As much as we need him to be good this year, the Phil Hughes Experience is about the next 10 years, not this one.

  • dan

    but still, the fastball is concerning. even if the yes gun is slow, his fastball doesnt have much behind it right now. it looks like he’s short-arming some of his pitches.

  • Marc

    I’m officially deeming Phranchise, Javy Vazquez Jr. because between his assortment of pitches and good command and lack of a power fastball just reminds me so much of Javy, whose career took a slide after he got conjunctivitis 13 starts into his Yankee career

    • Mike A.

      Consider yourself forewarned; I will call you out on that if you say something to the effect of “I always knew Phil would put it together,” or “I told ya Phil’d be great” in the future.

      It’s one thing to say he’s struggling right now, it’s another to basically write him off as the next Vazquez (essentially saying he’s a bust). Let’s try and do something reasonable like give him more than 7 ML starts to prove himself.

      • Marc

        wait.. whats so wrong with Phil having a career similar to vazquez? I’m not javy bashing, i think he’s a good pitcher. Whats the obsession with believing Phil is frontline guy with front line stuff. whats wrong with him throwin 200+ to a 4 era for the next 5 years?

        • Marc

          Check out javy’s career at nearly a 9 k/9, low walk totals, just too many homeruns.. . but javy’ s a very good pitcher who gets beat up by the long ball. I just don’t understand why the bar hasta be set so high for Phil, can we allow him to become a good pitcher before we ask him to be a great one?

  • zack

    God, this obsession with the fastabll! Please can we wait until Hughes is 23 with at least a full ML season under his belt before we obsess over his velocity? The Dude is just 21 with very few innings this season and still developing strength!

    • Mike A.

      Thank you, zack. Phil-bashing appears to be the Flavor of the Month now that A-Rod’s crushing the ball, Abreu’s hitting & Damon’s not hurt.

      • Marc

        They are talking bout it on the YES broadcast, but, doesn’t it seem as tho phil is more up in the zone now, than he was earlier this season? explanation for the lack of ground outs and lower velocity, maybe he really just does not trust his legs…

      • zack

        It seems that with Joba’s rise and the near no-hitter, people are expecting impossible results from a 21 year old who missed most of his season and had an injury that directly affects his power. I’m sure if Joba were starting he’d be going through similar growing pains, but with the luxury of having to only go one inning or two, there is a far less chance of fatigue or having to worry about pitch conservation. Hughes has 4 plus pitches (but for some reason is only throwing two of them) and Joba really 2. I know Hughes can come in for an inning, rear back and throw 95, but thats not what he’s being asked to do.

        Oh yeah, and hes 21 and the Tigers have a really really good offense…

    • dan

      the thing that worries me isnt that its slow, its that it seems to be getting slower. its only one pitch, but his last fastball just went 85 on the yes gun. he’s hit 90 once since i started watching. last year you’d hear of him consistantly at 93 and occasionally 95. even against the blue jays and at texas earlier in the year he was at 93 and occasionally 94 (according to pitch f/x on gameday). its not responding very well, so i cant see earlier innings right now, but gameday says his fastest pitch since the 5th inning was 90.6 mph

  • dan

    im not a phil-hater by any stretch of the imagination… im getting his number on a jersey in the next few days, and i wrote a post a few weeks ago about how he’s a flawless prospect…. its just that the drop in velocity concerns me

  • Kealty Lover!

    Oakland cast-off Bobby Kealty just smashed a 2 run homer to make it 7-1 Boston!!!!

    Moose loses tomorrow and it’s 8 on Tuesday night!

    The BoSox have been enjoying batting practice the past 4 games and they’re looking forward to continueing the bashing on Tuesday night against your mediorce pitching staff!!!!!!!

    Face it……it’s just not your year!

    • KAnst

      At least spell Kielty’s name right you tard

    • D

      You spell like Julio Lugo plays baseball…

    • Mike A.

      Not for nothing, but that White Sox team is absolutely pathetic. Highest BA in the lineup today was .268 by AJ Pierzynksi. How does Ozzie still have a job?

    • yankz

      Where were you when the lead was down to four? Crying, no doubt.

    • Ikanspel

      As a sox fan, I must say, Kealty Lover is not one of us. He’s a mets fan – you can tell by the spelling skills.

  • Bill

    Hughes threw his hardest in the second half of last season, when his fastball was consistently clocked in the 95mph range. It is not surprising, given the injury to his leg, that he has diminished fastball velocity. He needs more time to build up strenght, in my opinion. Plus, velocity is overrated; as long as Phil locates his fastball and breaking pitches, he will be fine, no matter what the velocity on his fastball is.

    • Marc

      Bill, i partially agree, but the ability to dominate as a right handed pitcher usually comes from having a power fastball to work with. its not always the case and i’m not sayign phil needs to even hit 95 at all, but his 88-91 makes me feel as tho his ceiling is lower than some people have for him. Velocity doesn’t make a pitcher great but it does allow a pitcher to make more mistakes. And its not the mph that concern me but rather the “life” on it because when we did see him ealier we saw swings and misses on the fastball more often which leads me to believe that his fastball is shorter at the moment, maybe from not trusting his legs, or from his legs not being as strong because of the injury or because he opens up too soon… whatever it is, it appears his fastball is a little short right now.

  • zack

    Today’s start by Hughes was actually his best besides the Cleveland game since returning. Take out the three HRs (which you can’t do, even if one was all Hideki’s fault) and you have 1H, 1BB, 97 pitches, 6K. Still too many FBs, but considering this is the second best offense in the game, all in all pretty good by a 21 year old.

  • Stuart

    Zack do not use reason with all these soon to be pitching coaches.. that look at guns and other BS..

    the guy gave up 4 hits, 3 homers but that should have been 2…he struck out 6 and retires 11 in a row at one point…..

    he turned 21 a month ago.. he is going to be real good, Javier Vazquez he is not….Yankee fans have zero patience… His starts will get better watch…If he does not have arm injuries Hguhes will be GREAT.. NOT Steve Trachsel great but really great… I am not predicting Clemens great but top 10 pitcher in the league great.. He is improving and has had 2 lights out starts Tex and CLev. and a couple of fair starts with some luck are W’s..

    The gun i saw showed numerous pitches at 91 t o93, and a curve in the mid 70’s and pretty good control.. he has one thing you cannot teach and that is brains and guts………..

  • Mike K

    To me, Hughes’ fastball is slow because he had not one but two leg injuries in the middle of the year. As a pitcher, your power comes from your legs, and as a young kid (who likely hasnt experienced these kind of injuries and this kind of layoff before), Phil is probably just a little wary of pushing it too much, be it consciously or subconsciously.

    But I take comfort in the fact that this is something that he should improve on within the next month. He was throwing 92-95 before so its in him, as opposed to Mussina who has lost it.