MLB/Stubhub reach ticket resale agreement


If you’re looking to buy tickets off of season ticket holders, it appears that StubHub will be the place to go. They’ve just entered into an agreement with Major League Baseball:

In a nod to the growing strength of Internet ticket exchanges, the league has entered into a revenue-sharing agreement with StubHub, an online market owned by eBay that acts as a middleman in the resale of tickets to entertainment events. Under the five-year deal, all 30 baseball team Web sites and will direct fans who want to sell their tickets or buy tickets from other fans to

I’ve heard from people in the industry that StubHub wasn’t in good shape. I suppose that’s changed now that they’re in cahoots with MLB.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, we’d appreciate it if you use that lil’ ad on the right hand side to buy your tickets through StubHub.

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