Mo sticks it to the Jays announcers

Trouble, thy name is Roger
Edwar is a beast

I was stuck watching the Blue Jays’ feed for reasons that aren’t important. At the start of the 9th, the boring Blue Jays announcers said that Mariano is “not quite as intimidating as he used to be.” So how does Mariano respond (to a comment he obviously didn’t hear)? Well, by throwing 11 of 16 pitches for strikes and striking out Alex Rios, Vernon Wells and Frank Thomas to nail down the save. Take that, Toronto.

Trouble, thy name is Roger
Edwar is a beast
  • Gibb

    mo is dirt mcgirt.

    also, i was ‘watching’ the game on cbs.sportsline. there’s a dude who works for cbs who live blogs the game. he was basically sucking the blue jays dicks the whole game/ yankee hating. it was ridiculous for a supposedly unbiased news provider.

  • juke

    And that’s why the games are played on the field, not on paper like those dumbass announcers, whose heads were back in April. So, they got Mo-ed* down, which is as it should be.

    *©1998 JukeofUrl Productions

  • Pettitte’s stare

    And Joe Torre actually used Brower! Of course I have to wonder if Brower gave up his hit first before getting an out if Joe would have come out and got him.

  • Ivan

    That performance was Mo Rivera 96. I mean he was consistent 94-96MPH hitting 97MPH. Blowing Rios, Wells, and Thomas out of the water.

  • The Scout

    If someone can explain why Brower is on the team instead of Chamberlain, I’d love to hear it. Could it really be due to passport issues? If so, that’s quite an indictment of the Yankee organization. What, no one looked at the schedule and saw the team was due to fly to Canada?

  • Barry

    You dont need a passport to go to canada until next year. Getting into Canada is easy, its leaving that sucks.

  • Marc

    I was just watching the cardinals espn game tonight.. and man, kinda curiou why no one (yanks included) took a flyer on percival. Its espns gun so the 95-96 is probably more like 92-93 but the man is dealing… he’d be a nice little addition, no?

  • Ben K.


    A lot of teams scouted Percival when he announced his comeback plans, the Yanks included. He opted to sign with the Cardinals. Last week, he wasn’t available at the trade deadline. I’m not quite sure how the Yanks could have taken a flyer on an unavailable commodity.

  • C-Note

    At Pending pinstripes they are reporting that a station out of Lincoln Nebraska is saying Joba is on his way to Canada and will join the team on tuesday— I haven’t heard or seen this anywhere else, but figured I’d pass it along

  • C-Note

    Here is a link to the latest JOBA rumor

  • Ben K.

    I got it, C-Note. Thanks.

  • C-Note

    the source in the article is JoBA’s dad… this could be the real thing this time… hope hope hope

  • Joseph P.

    ESPN is saying it, too.

  • Ben K.

    If you want to comment on Joba, comment here.

  • Marsha

    I was only able to watch 1/2 inning–the bottom of the 9th. Mo was AWESOME!