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What's wrong with Mo?
Could Bronson be bouncing back?

In addition to the Andrew Brackman megadeal (largest bonus they’ve ever given to a drafted player, and the 3rd largest they’ve ever given period, behind, ugh, Hideki Irabu & Jose Contreras), the Yanks also locked up the following players:

  • California high school catcher Austin Romine, second round ($500,000).
  • Texas third baseman Brad Suttle, fourth round ($1,300,000).
  • Texas high school outfielder Taylor Grote, eighth round ($250,000).
  • Louisiana high school shortstop Carmen Angelini, 10th round ($1,000,000).

All the deals are over slot, while the Suttle and Angelini deals are records for their respective rounds. Suttle may be the big name, but I think Angelini’s the better prospect. Overall it was a nice haul this year for the Yanks (you can see all their picks and whether or not they signed here), they added some legit position player prospects to all those arms, and continued to flex their financial muscles by taking signability guys in the later rounds. Bravo front office, bravo.

Updates on some prominent non-Yankee draftees after the jump.

The D-Rays inked #1 overall pick David Price to a gargantuan 6-yr ML deal, worth a guaranteed $8.5M ($5.6M bonus), but could escalate to as much as $11.25M.

As of this writing, the following 1st rounders have yet to sign:

  • #2 pick Mike Moustakas (Royals, doesn’t look like it’ll get done)
  • #3 pick Josh Vitters (Cubbies, it’ll be announced shortly)
  • #5 pick Matt Weiters (O’s, not gonna get done, Angelos fucked this one up by hiring Andy McPhail between the draft & signing deadline)
  • #9 pick Jarrod Parker (D-Backs, gonna get done)
What's wrong with Mo?
Could Bronson be bouncing back?
  • ShawnT

    Hey do you guys have any scouting reports on Angelini, Yanks must be real high on him a Mill for a 10th rounder.

  • Pettitte’s stare

    Also, will we see any of these guys time in the minors this year or maybe another player or two in the winter leagues? It was nice to see Kennedy and Chamberlain pitch last winter, any thoughts on who it might be this year?

  • Mike A.

    I suspect Suttle will get sent to Staten Island ASAP, where he’ll displace Damon Sublett as the #3 hitter. Angelini, Romine, Grote & Weems could all go to the GCL, although it’ll be tough to work out the playing time with Romine, Weems & Montero all being catchers.

    As far as the winter leagues go, I have intentions of drumming up a post about this in the very near future, so I’ll answer that in the coming days. Sneak Preview: they had better send Phil Hughes to the Arizona Fall League considering all the time he missed.

  • Adam

    I see no reason to send Hughes to the AFL.

    The innings he missed are a good thing, they kept the workload down.

  • Troy

    I haven’t seen anyone mention the serendipity of the Scooter’s passing and Angelini’s signing the next day. Hopefully Carmen (Yogi Berra’s wife’s name) will take a place Yankee SS pantheon

  • j smith

    explain to me how the yankees are going to get draft picks if a rod leaves. i had an arguement with a red sox fan who says the dodgers didnt get anything for jd drews opt out when he signed with boston. thanks

  • JP

    I doubt Hughes goes to the AFL… the season runs from early Oct to mid Nov. I live down the road from the AFL affiliate so I’d be the first one in line for tix but I’m still hoping he’s pitching in the playoffs instead. It sucks for next year… he might only get half of the 180 innings that he was targeted for this year. Figure he’ll be on a pitch count again next year

  • dan

    j smith–the yanks will get picks if arod leaves because it was written specifically into his contract, unlike drew’s contract, according to cashman.

    adam–phil should pitch in the AFL, the problem with the amount of work he’s had, and will have, this year is that it’s not enough. they wanted him to get to 180 innings…if the yankees get to the alcs lets say, and he has 2 starts and 1 relief appearance, throwing 15 innnings, has 8 more regular season starts (throwing about 50 innings), thats only around 130 innings. give or take some on the playoffs and the remainder of the regular season, but the bottom line is that he’s not going to exceed last years total if he doesnt pitch in the AFL

  • Malcard89

    Mike, about Angelini, all the reports on him say he could be a potential 5-tool player in the future, but with Jeter at SS, who will probably sign an extension in 2010 to play here until he’s 40 as to get his 3500th hit and more, will Angelini ever get a fair chance to take over that position? We’d like to think “yes”, but the yankees and their casual fans (anyone not reading Riveraveblues ;) ) that dont know about angelini’s potential will definitely want jeter to stay here forever, even with his declining defense and overpaid contract. What do you think will happen with Angelini if in the future he’s at AAA hitting around .330/.400/.450 with 20 SB? Will the yankees give him a fair chance or maybe move Jeter to another position? Just random musings…

  • dan

    jeter could move to third base like ripken did. dont know how he’d handle it, but second will probably still be occupied by cano. you have ot see how players respond to pro ball before you can begin to make any assessments about their future with the team

  • boylestock

    lets see if the kid can play before we start moving anyone.

  • The Scout

    Yankees signed 29 of top 33 picks, a very good yield overall. If the scouts did their job as well this year as last, we should see some impressive talent come thru the system.

  • Tom O.

    I’m a little upset that the Yanks didn’t sign the LHP/RHP Pat Venditte. That really would have been interesting.