On Mussina’s inconsistent pitching

Gardner flashing some power; Britton better than most of Yanks pen

Over at WasWatching, Steve took care of some research I was about to conduct on Mike Mussina. Here’s what he (and I) have found:

In the 12 games started by Mussina where the Yankees lost: Mussina averages 4.8 IP per start and has an ERA of 8.16.

In the 10 games started by Mussina where the Yankees won: Mussina averages 6.3 IP per start and has an ERA of 2.57.

While Steve’s conclusion is that Mussina is good while on and terrible while off a la Randy Johnson 2006, I have a different conclusion: Mike Mussina simply cannot pitch against good teams and expect to win.

The ten games in which Mussina has pitched and the Yanks have won came against some pretty woeful teams going through bad stretches. He beat Texas in back-to-back starts in May; he has pitched well in wins against the White Sox twice; he beat the Royals twice; he stifled a pathetic Oakland offense and downed the Devil Rays.

On the flip side, Mussina has gotten shelled by the Red Sox (twice), Angels, Tigers, and, um, the Devil Rays and Orioles. He can’t beat playoff contenders and seems to have problems with teams that have a few good hitters.

And, hey, we’ve got him for another season too. That two-year extension just looks better and better with every passing minute. Ted Lilly and his 3.88 ERA would have come to New York for a lesser per-year deal that Mussina received.

Gardner flashing some power; Britton better than most of Yanks pen
  • Jersey

    Halladay has a very similar similar split in his winning ERA vs. his losing ERA. That doesn’t make me feel any better though.

    It makes sense: when you’re a mediocre pitcher, good teams will hit you, bad teams won’t. That’s what happens to mediocre pitchers.

  • Joseph M

    Mussina is a 5th starter and should be treated as such. His spot in the rotation should be skipped over when it can be and he should take one for the team when that is necessary. With the staff extended to the point of exhaustion, Torre should have gone out to Mussina in the second inning and told him flat out he was in for at least 5 innings.

    The Yanks need to move Villone off the 25 man roster and bring up Britton. Cashman needs to see if he can upgrade over Henn for the stretch run.

  • RollingWave

    Ted Lilly wouldn’t be this good in the AL, in his Toronto days he’s also pretty much a 4th/5th guy, good Ks but also a ton of walks and not much innings while getting all sorts of nagging injuries, signign up for 4/40 M of that? no thx

    Hey look at it this way, we probably could trade Moose to Philly or Pittsburgh in the off season, two sucker teams run by morons. Philly gave up their best pitching prospect in Gio Gonzalez for Garcia (funny cause they got Gonzalez for the White sox in teh Thome trade..) who sucked and got hurt, the Pirates for no reason at all traded for Matt Morris, we can lure these morons to anything, let Moose go back closer to home!

    speaking of his hometown Williamsport, i just watched my boys from Taiwan beat Mexico 4:2 to advance to the next round. he last pitcher Taiwan threw out sat consistetnly at 75 … which on a little league mound plays out to 95-100 … jesus