Pardon me while I throw up a little bit

They can take our lives, but they can never take...OUR FREEDOM!
Hughes vs. Bedard

I had the distinct pleasure of watching tonight’s debacle from the Tier Reserve. To make matters worse, by the 8th inning, the only fans left were passive Yankee fans and four guys spoiling for a fight chanting, “Let’s go Red Sox.” To make matters even worse, the Red Sox scored two in the bottom of the 9th to beat a worthless baseball club.

In honor of this pleasant experience, let’s play Tear Apart Tonight’s Game in Bullet-Point Style:

  • I’ve gone back and forth on the Roger Clemens issue. One part of me wants to lay the blame for this game squarely at his feet. He, during the middle of a very important run, got himself suspended for a game because of his tendencies to “stick up for his teammates.” I can’t help but think, as my sister put it, that “the dignity was worth the sacrifice of lost games.” Had Clemens not gone head-hunting to avoid a suspension, I think his teammates would have been quite understanding. They do, after all, need to win more than anything else.

    But at the same time, it wasn’t a 12-6 game where the starting pitcher made much difference. Even had Clemens gone 7 innings and given up 2 runs, the Yanks would have been down 2-0. Sure, Torre wouldn’t have taken out the starters in the 7th. But the way things were going, Daniel Cabrera was effectively wild, and the Yanks’ offense had a night off. As Peter Abraham notes, the Yanks are not going undefeated the rest of the season. I’ll take 9-2 over 11 games from here on out. And now Clemens can pitch with run support when he next takes the mound.

  • No one around the Stadium is selling Joba Chamberlain shirts yet. I want one.
  • Jeff Karstens has pretty much proved that he is, right now, worthless to the Yanks. He’s been ineffective in relief and terrible as a starter. The fact that he threw five pitches with a broken leg doesn’t give him a pass to stink up the joint. I don’t even know what Jim Brower’s excuse is, but he just became the Adrian Hernandez of the 2007 Yankees. He’ll get his 8 crappy innings in, and then everyone else will forget he was ever a Yankee. If he and Karstens aren’t replaced by Chris Britton and Edwar Ramirez tomorrow, I’ll be shocked and very disappointed.
  • Speaking of which, I sent a text message to Joe when Ron Villone came into the game. I wrote, “So do all the inherited runners score here? I say two.” Well, Villone did not disappoint; he allowed all three inherited runners to score again. It’s really time to get rid of him and bring back Brian Bruney. There’s just no point in having him waste a roster spot.
  • Booing Kyle Farnsworth will never get old.
  • Luis Vizcaino in a 12-0 game? Really, Joe? Just stop. Use Farnsworth for two innings. But give the overworked set-up man a break now and then.
  • Yankee Stadium should institute a rule that allows fans one free punch for every Masshole that insists on shouting out “Let’s go Red Sox” and “Remember 2004?” to a mostly empty Yankee Stadium during a blow-out loss. I hope someone mugged that guy in the subway after the game.
  • We’re looking forward to the Bedard-Hughes match-up. While I wish the Yanks weren’t facing a potential Cy Young Award winner today, it has the potential to be one helluva game. More on that later.
  • Have I mentioned that the Devil Rays really suck?

As the Scooter might have said about the game tonight, “Holy Cow! What a huckleberry.”

They can take our lives, but they can never take...OUR FREEDOM!
Hughes vs. Bedard
  • Jeteupthemiddle

    I hated the retaliation at the time (mostly because I would have preferred Clemens to pitch 7 innings instead of 6), and I continue to hate it now.

    I, however, do not blame the Yankees for using Karstens as opposed to Kennedy. I would have liked seeing Kennedy, but I don’t mind them not wanting to start his arbitration clock for a spot start and nothing more.

    Once they decided not to use Kennedy, then Karstens was as good of a choice as any.

    I expect at least one of Brower or Karstens to be off the team before today’s game and replaced with Britton or Ramirez. I wouldn’t be surprised if both were gone.

  • Joseph P.

    Villone, Brower, and Karstens for Henn, Britton, and Edwar.

    Please, oh please.

  • Relaunch

    I just don’t understand what the big deal was pushing everyone back a day in the rotation instead of completely skipping his turn.

  • Freddy

    I really think Kennedy should’ve got the nod for yesterdays start. I know he doesn’t have any major league innings under his belt yet, but anything would’ve been better than that crap Karstens was spoon feeding the O’s yesterday.

    As for the Chamberlain shirts, I went to the Yankee clubhouse at the South Street Seaport on Sunday and the manager there said they aren’t carrying his or Hughes shirts until they’re given their “official numbers”. So they’re probably not gonna have any of those t-shirts this year. I hope he was wrong because I want one!

  • Relaunch

    You all should hold off on Hughes and Joba T-Shirts this year even if they are made available. Next year is when they will have their permanent numbers.

  • steve

    “I just don’t understand what the big deal was pushing everyone back a day in the rotation instead of completely skipping his turn.”


    this game was NOT a result of Clemens hitting Rios becasue all the Yankees had to do was appeal until their next off-day.

    it has little to do with the retaliation.

    it has to do with Clemens being 45 years old and needing extra time to rest.

    there is no other explanation for why they never appealed.

  • Mike A.

    I’m disappointed in you Ben, I bought my Joba shirt online the other day, and just got the email saying it shipped. Joba wore #62 in Trenton as well, so I suspect there’s something behind it. And besides, it’s a good number for him, it just fits.

    An El Duquecito reference? Niiiiiiice….

  • Count Zero

    “Luis Vizcaino in a 12-0 game? Really, Joe? Just stop. Use Farnsworth for two innings. But give the overworked set-up man a break now and then.”

    A-freakin-men. That was downright stupid. Joe has this thing where he can’t just leave people in to take their medicine/eat innings in a game that is already over…

  • Marsha

    I hope Roger Clemens is paying the Yankees back $1 million for getting suspended. That’s about what he earns per game pitched.

  • DKA

    I disagree with blaming either Clemens for throwing at Rios or the Yankees for not starting Ian Kennedy. The blame falls on the subpar pitchers we trotted out there for not rising to the task. You’re wearing that uniform. You’re on that team. Do your damn job.

    That being said, I look forward to Jim Brower being attacked by a bat-wielding Jose Offerman next year somewhere out in Bridgeport and starting tonight for your Washington Nationals, Jeff Karstens.

    I also look forward to Bruney and Britton back in pinstripes by 1:00 PM today.

  • Ben K.

    I don’t necessarily think that the “blame” lies with anyone. The Yanks got outpitched last night. It could have been 12-0; it could have been 2-0. But these guys who threw last night shouldn’t be on the roster right now.

    As for Kennedy, there’s no need to rush him. He had a subpar-for-him start on Monday, and I think he’s nearing his IP cap. So let him get comfortable at AAA with an eye toward bringing him up next year when needed.

  • nettles

    If you’re going to blame anyone, you have to put the crosshairs on A-Rod for his ill-advised, bush league “Ha!” that started the whole debacle with Toronto. I’ve grown to love the guy, but pulling crap like that just grinds my gears. He keeps his mouth shut on the basepath that night, Roger would have pitched last night and we would have likely had a different outcome.

    Of course, we were held to two hits, so it may not have made any difference. I do agree with the previous posters – Karstens and Brower should be playing for the D-Rays. Our pitching is pretty thin.

  • Ben

    Pete Abe reports that Edwar and Henn are being called up. Karstens going down, Brower likely DFA’d. Not clear whose daughter in the Yankee organization Britton was caught sleeping with.

  • Ben K.

    Ben: We know. :)

  • jon

    re: Henn vs. Britton: Man, I am going to tie my son’s right arm behind his back from the minute he is born.

    I want to hear Clemens say “I needed the rest” because otherwise the decision not to appeal is inexcusable. As is Torre’s use of Vizcaino.

    I just don’t get it sometimes.

  • Ben K.

    In terms of Clemens’ not appealing, he would still be suspended for five games and not five days. And that suspension wasn’t going to get overturned, so what’s the big deal?

  • DKA

    Nettles: When you mess up, you don’t blame someone else. That wasn’t A-Rod or Clemens giving up the grand slam to Aubrey Huff, or not keeping us within a snowball’s chance of coming back.

  • jon

    The point isn’t that the off day would count as a game for the suspension – it would allow Clemens to skip a turn and not have anyone pitch on 3 days’ rest.

    The next off day is the 23rd. So you have:

    Clemens – 8/14
    Hughes – 8/15
    Mussina – 8/16
    Pettitte – 8/17
    Wang – 8/18
    Clemens – 8/19
    [ Clemens drops appeal, starts serving 8/20]
    Hughes – 8/20
    Mussina – 8/21
    Pettitte 8/22
    Off-Day 8/23
    Wang – 8/24 (one extra day of rest)
    Hughes – 8/25 (normal rest)
    [ Clemens done with 5 game suspension]
    Clemens – 8/26 (6 days rest, apparently he needs it)
    Mussina – 8/27 (5 days rest)
    Pettitte – 8/28 (5 days rest)
    Wang – 8/29 (back to normal now, repeat)

    So you’ve got 3 of the 5 with 5 days rest, and one with normal rest, and Clemens with 6.

    You have to wait until the off-day, because otherwise Hughes would be on short rest when Clemens turn came up. The off-day effectivly lets him move up to take Clemens’ spot but still be on normal rest.

    I fail to see how skipping Clemens’ turn is preferable to this.

  • steve

    “If you’re going to blame anyone, you have to put the crosshairs on A-Rod for his ill-advised, bush league “Ha!” that started the whole debacle with Toronto.”

    od course, Roger could have NOT retaliated. or they could have had Farnsworth do it.

    or, they could have simply used the rotation laid out above by jon.

    this has nothing to do with A-Rod. they could have appealed.

    i don’t know why they didn’t, but i bet it is b/c Roger has a minor, nagging injury.