Peavey opts for college ball


In the 24th round of the amateur draft this year, the Yanks made a Hail Mary selection when they announced their pick of Greg Peavey. Considered one of the top young arms in the nation, Peavey was impressive this summer while pitching in a summer league near Oregon State’s campus in Corvallis, and he says that he was impressed with the Yanks’ offer. However, Peavey has opted for college over the pros for now. In two years, when Peavey is draft-eligible again, expect him to go higher than he did this year.

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  • Mike A.

    Since the draft I’ve been saying that I think Peavey is a safety net for the Yanks; if they couldn’t sign Brackman or Chris Carpenter, they’d go hard after Paavey. I think this is a sign that the $3M bonus for Brackman is a reality.

  • The Scout

    It was a good gamble to draft him where they did. The risk was low — you don’t expect much of a 24th round pick — and the potential gain was huge. No one can be surprised that it didn’t work out, but certainly no one faults the Yankees for trying.

  • John

    I’m fine with it. But this is example 1A of “what I wish we’d done with the money we spent on Kei Igawa.”

  • Mike A.

    Draft budgets and player payroll budgets are kept entirely separate. I know from the outside looking in, we see it as the Yankees having all this money to spend it on whatever they want, but the fact is that they have a very strict draft budget (which, granted, is alot larger than most teams) which they must adhere too.

  • steve

    “I’m fine with it. But this is example 1A of “what I wish we’d done with the money we spent on Kei Igawa.””

    not really.

    the bottom line is that he is a HS pitcher. you aren’t going to offer him $5M to sign even if there was no such person as Kei Igawa.

    do you really think Igawa had anything to do with this?

    if the Yankees “maxed out” their spending ceiling on Igawa, Clemens wouldn’t be here. heck, Molina wouldn’t be here.

    the Yankees could have found another $1M in their sofa cushions if they thought it made sense to offer it to him.

  • John

    Mike and Steve,
    I guess I oversimplify the business side of it.
    Even if the budgets are kept completely seperate within a given year, the Yankee organization could certainly make the decision to increase the draft budget at the cost of the personel budget, right? We’re talking about divisions within a company, not companies within a corporation?
    If he really had his heart set on going to college, I understand. But if it’s a case of ‘we could have signed him, but we spent our budget on Brackman and Carpenter’ then I don’t get it.
    You can’t have 25 All Stars at the MLB level, but there’s no such thing as too many prospects, is there?

  • barry

    that stinks, maybe we’ll still get him, if not, we got plenty of good arms for the time being.