• yankeegirl2

    AND the game’s on ESPN2. as a yankee fan who lives outside of ny (in mass, to be exact) I am soooo pumped to watch phil in HD and NOT on my computer.


  • Marc

    Best of luck to Phil, Mike have fun in Aanaheim which i think ahs the worst acoustics of any stadium i’ve ever been to. I believe they mute the glove popping or crack of the bat or something… amazing a live baseball game on mute.

  • NYFan50

    Need a big start from Phil, since Wakefield is cruising against Tampa and Seattle is destroying Minnesota already.

  • Marc

    im sorry but i dont see what is goign to one day make Phil a nmber 1 type starter? maybe a decent number 2?

  • Jake T

    He has absolutely dominated aside from that one inning, and what a throw by jorge

  • DKA

    If Cano would have shown up to play defense today, we may be up 2-0 in the 5th inning right now. That’s the type of garbage that should get you benched for a night.