Phil vs. Fausto


Thanks to tonight’s pitching matchup, you can file this one under “games I wish I was going to.”

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  1. dan says:

    Fausto doesn;t make sense to me. he has unbelievable stuff but strikes out fewer per 9 than the league average. a quick thing on baseball tonight showed him throwing 96 with incredible down and away (to a lefty) movement. his pitches look like that of felix, but maybe hes just missing a great offspeed pitch right now

  2. Motown Yankees Fan says:

    Where do you find all these great pictures?

  3. KAnst says:

    The reason Fausto doesnt strike out many is his sinker is mad good, he just gets ground balls. He is very similar to Wang, he currently has a 3.3 GB/FB ratio

  4. Mike A. says:

    Nice, he broke out the slider…

  5. Greg G. says:

    Hey, Mike…you back?

  6. Eric Schultz says:

    That slider was niiice

  7. Greg G. says:

    By the way, is it me or is #14 for the Indians really versatile? He covers a lot of ground out there.

  8. Mike A. says:

    Yes, been back since Wednesday night, but it took some time to get settled and stuff.

    Phil’s looking good so far, not great, but good. But man, if Hughes goes 6 then gives way to Joba for 2 then Mo for the 9th…I think I’d die from witnessing such awesomeness.

  9. Mike A. says:

    I take that back; Phil’s dealin’ after that little speed bump in the first.

  10. Greg G. says:

    Welcome home! I’m watching the Indians telecast on, and the gun has Phil topping out at 91-92 mph. It seems like he’s throwing a lot harder than that. Do you have the same broadcast? (Just curious what the YES’s numbers look like)

  11. ricardo says:

    Hughes is dealing tonight… I just read that clemens wont appeal his suspension. Who is going to start for him on monday, then? Will Kennedy get the call from AAA or do you think the yanks would have Joba start for a game?

  12. dan says:

    the YES gun has had him at 91-93

  13. ShawnT says:

    REmember he still probably building up his arm streaghth after that torn hammy

  14. Marc says:

    can this ump have a tighter f-in strike zone? holy shit.

  15. Greg G. says:

    Thanks, Dan.

    Ricardo: I read in one of the papers that they may not bring up IPK for one start since he’d have to be put on the 40-man roster. My money’s on Karstens (for better or worse)

  16. Marc says:

    this ump is seriously giving him the mike mussina treatment. wow. ques-tec in this park?

  17. ShawnT says:

    Hes bringing back that crazy slider, why would any1 give that pitch up

  18. Greg G. says:

    ShawnT: Makes sense. Besides, his other pitches (change, curve, slider, whatever) all look great. And…he’s snuck in a few 94 mph heaters now.

  19. Greg G. says:

    Thanks for playing, Mr. Blake. Now go sit down.

  20. Marc says:

    Ooooo and he’s dealing. Mike A, thank you for making me so interested in the minor leagues and keeping track of these kids. Its real fun to watch them grow up. Long live IGWT

  21. zack says:

    Is that insane pitch hes thrown a few times the slider?

  22. dan says:

    michael kay and paul o’neill keep calling it a slurve, but i dont know what it is. it has an opposite break to the curve but had the same vertical movement

  23. Greg G. says:

    OK…he’s seriously getting squeezed.

  24. Marc says:

    Greg! thank you for nto makign me feel alone… seriously squeezed on legitimate awsome pitches… the kind of pitches that allow tom glavine, moose, rocket, maddux, etc to still ahve careers b/c they are called strikes.

  25. zack says:

    The ump isn’t calling anything below the bellybutton and slightly off the plate, but is calling strikes up near the neck. Very narrow and very high. Which kind of takes away Phil’s game…I think that accounts for the # of fly balls tonight, plus a lot of extra pitches. Its a testament to him that he has adjusted as well as he has…

  26. Marc says:

    he is squeezing carmona also. but . man that zone is tight.

  27. Greg G. says:

    I LOVE that curveball!!!!

  28. zack says:

    Nice last pitch Phil! Joba time for two?

  29. Mac says:

    Yeah, I am a bit stunned o’neill or kay haven’t mentioned it a little bit more, cause some of the calls have been very very close. What’s worse and really much more annyoing, the ump doesn’t seem to be making up for it at all by giving one to the pitcher, like some umps do.

  30. Greg G. says:

    This game is an RAB/IGWT special. Hughes-to-Joba!

  31. ShawnT says:

    boy what rough nite for clevland, getting dominated by two 21 year old kids

  32. The Scout says:

    What a pleasure watching the kids tonight. Joba was really dealing. Pity Cleveland — now they face Rivera.

  33. Greg G. says:

    I could get used to “Yankees 2.0″, as PeteAbe just called it.

  34. Mac says:

    You know what else was great about this game? It was fast. Pitchers who throw strikes and work quickly are just fun to watch.

  35. C-Note says:

    the future is here

  36. Ivan says:

    When was the last time the Yankees had three home grown pitchers pitch in one game?

  37. kris says:

    The youngsters delivered an emphatic statement of their bright future. Fans like me exploded with glee all over Yankee country tonight.

  38. C-Note says:

    and 5 games out…

    that Trade for Gange ain’t working out too swell for boston…

    I’d rather have Melky

    … and those trolls for would post red sox BS on these sites, funny how they have gone quite… the silence is deafening

  39. Dude says:

    Mike, you’re wish came true.

  40. NYFan50 says:

    Where DID you guys get that picture? It’s great.

  41. Ben K. says:

    That was beautiful. Yankees baseball the way it’s supposed to be played. I think we can do five games in the next seven weeks…

  42. Joseph P. says:

    Re: the comments about Hughes getting squeezed.

    The best part about that is that he threw over 66% strikes. Long live Hughes!

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