Rivera not available again tonight

The Brackman Contract
Tabata done for year, Garcia suffers setback

According to reports from the Yankee clubhouse, Joe Torre will not use Mariano Rivera tonight. While the Yanks’ closer and manager insist that number 42 is a paragon of health, this certainly raises my eyebrows. Last year around now, Rivera missed a month with a mysterious elbow injury that started with a few days’ extra rest after a few ineffective appearances by the Sandman. Is history repeating itself?

The Brackman Contract
Tabata done for year, Garcia suffers setback
  • http://SportingGurus.com Adam

    Yes, it is. It’s inconvenient that Rivera’s winded at this point in the schedule, but it’s not the end of the world.

    Rivera just needs his break.

  • Adam B.

    Yanks should DFA Villone and call up Britton. Give the pen a fresh arm. With Joba, Edwar and Britton available tonight, then pen should be fine.

  • Mike R.

    I know this is off topic, but I need to vent. Of all days John Lackey could choose to stink, he chooses today!!!!! This guy is hurting the Yanks even when he’s not facing us!

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    Mike R., I was thinking the same thing. Freakin’ Lackey. He sucks.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    I hear ya Mike R. But at least Buchholz walked the first batter he faced in the bigs on 4 pitches. AND it looks like Mirabelli hurt himself, so Varitek gets to catch all but 1 inning of today’s doubleheader.

  • Relaunch

    This is a cause for concern. When Rivera went out last year for 1 month, he was being used alot. This year, and this recent stretch, he has not been used that much at all. He pitched Tuesday in Toronto, Friday in Cleveland, Sunday in Cleve, and Monday here. This is not an abnormal load for him.

  • Mike R.

    Agreed on the Varitek point. Not only today’s doubleheader, but depending on the injury they would have no one to catch Wakefield.

  • C-Note

    pending pinestripes is reporting Tabata is out of the rest of the year with wrist surgery and Christian Garcia injured his knee while rehabing from TJ surgery and has receieved surgery for that, his knee that is… – FUCK!

    oh yea, if Mo is needing prolonged “rest” how do they justify keeping Farnsy & the consumate professional Villone on the team to take up space????????????????????????????

  • C-Note

    the original source for the shitty news on Tabata & Garcia was BAseball America’s Chris Kline