Ron Villone just walked in a run on a hit and 3 BBs…

Why I love Mike Mussina
Stick a fork in ’em

…but, hey, Chris Britton threw 3 innings today at Scranton, giving up 1 hit, 0 runs, 0 walks and striking out 2. What’s the excuse here, Brian Cashman? Because I can’t think of a valid one.

Why I love Mike Mussina
Stick a fork in ’em
  • barry

    with this season walking on the edge of knife, all I can say is thank god for all these young pitchers we have rolling their way to success, the future is brighter than the present.

  • bart

    Torre (with Cashman’s support???) thinks he has to have 2 lefties for matchups — he’d rather have an awful lefty rather than a solid righty

    – by my count Torree – due to line ups, in game tactics, and use of relief pitching is fully responsible for 21 losses

    — last night was not one of them

    — Mussina’s last 2 starts have dug terrible holes

    — maybe Andy can be stellar tonight and we get a losss from Boston and Seattle – why couldn’t Seattle have to face Santana??