SportsNation doubts the Yankees

Time to even the season series with Boston
Please give credit where credit is due


Well, it is officially on. As you can see by the lovely ESPN map reproduced above — and if you want a better view, just click on it — the rest of the country doubts the Yankees. In state after state, from Maine to Alaska, the only people who think the Yanks will make the playoffs are those of us who live in New York and New Jersey.

It’s time to show the everyone else. It’s time to show to the 80 percent of delusional Red Sox fans who don’t think the Yankees will make the playoffs that they are flat-out wrong. Roger Clemens, who had a no-hitter going until David Ortiz met the Upper Deck, did his part tonight while Kyle Farnsworth made us all wish that the Joba Rules, which shouldn’t be lifted, weren’t in place.

Alex Rodriguez, on his march toward a showdown with the Yanks over his contract, did his job. He delivered a home run off Josh Beckett that cleared the fence and gave the Yanks the breathing room they needed. Mariano Rivera did his job plus one more out, bailing out Kyle Farnsworth for the umpteeth time. He made the Red Sox look bad. Three of the four outs were dribblers that didn’t even make it past the mound. The other out was a routine groundball to A-Rod.

So now the Yanks are six not-insurmountable games out against the Red Sox. But the Sox play the Tampa Bay Bad News Bears a few times too many this month while the Yanks play the Orioles, their 2007 bugaboo who have yet to win with Dave Trombley in as their permanent manager.

The nation doubts us even the Wild Card of which we share in the lead right now. They doubt us a playoff spot in October. They doubt the hottest team since June and the best franchise of all time. We’ll show them.

And hey, we can always take solace in the graph below the nifty new more tag (Hint: It doesn’t load a new page) the jump (We disabled the problematic More tag for now). We Yankee fans may be the most obnoxious, but the Red Sox are quickly gaining ground. To vote, head to this terrible Jim Caple column, but don’t read it. It’s really bad.


Time to even the season series with Boston
Please give credit where credit is due
  • Zack

    Just letting you know that actually clicking the more button brought up some freaky error message…

    • Ben K.

      Zack: Which browser are you using?

      • Zack

        Firefox on a mac

        • Zack

          Oh, now it works, for whatever reason!

    • dan

      it doesnt work for me (firefox on windows) unless i click comments. i thought it was a joke; when i clicked “more,” it just changed to “less” and nothing changed. i almost cried.

      • Ben K.

        It’s the Kyle Farnsworth “more” tag where more of him is really less.

        Just kidding. It should load the rest of the post without your having to load a new page. It does take a second or two to work. If we’re still experiencing problems on posts without pictures, we’ll take another look at it.

  • Lil Jimmy Norden

    i hope espn gets aids

    fox sports baseball section is far better.

  • ShawnT

    Im using firefoz and i need to go to comments to get it, so maybe the firefox browser doesnt work with it

    • Ben K.

      It does. We’ve tested it with Firefox. I think it’s just an issue of letting it load. If the problem continues, we’ll drop the plugin. Leave messages here as the night unfolds. I’m heading to bed now.

  • Tano

    I’ve got IE6 on WindowsXT, and the same problem.
    Clicking “more” gives a popup error message

    “I have encounted an problem while fetching data due to the cross-domain restriction of the XMLHTTPRequest object”.

    “AN problem”?

    Nice design otherwise.

  • ansky

    wow. none of that was a surprise. And while i thank you for posting the “poll” and Jim “The Cornball” Caple article, i could have predicted it all before even glancing.
    While the Yanks may have been the worlds most popular team, everyone hates us. How is that possible? Well, no one here needs the answer if theyre here in the first place i assume.

    Jim Caple is a guy who i’ve traded sharp barbs with over email because of his silly articles. While being relatively versed in baseball, the guy is an egotistical know-it-all with no ability to adapt to another human’s point of view. Even though i can respect the fact that he replied to me on several occasions, it was a worthless argument. There was no way to get him to see then that he was being a blatant Yanks basher. IMO, he’s not worth his weight in words and he proves it to me every time he wastes megabytes.

  • James Varghese

    Heh – since you posted this, there have been a thousand or so more votes and the Yankees are starting to slip a little bit.

  • Joseph P.

    Dammit. I had a similar problem when I tested out the plugin, but decided to download it from another host and reinstall it.

    It worked after that, so I figured the bug was something very minor. I’m using Firefox on a Mac. If it’s not working for you, what browser/platform combination are you using?

  • Kyle

    I am running IE7 and it works beautifully, just thought I would leave a positive

  • Jersey

    I don’t care for Jim Caple, he’s as blatant a Yankee basher as they come – but this time he’s hit the nail right on the head. I’m glad somebody is finally calling out RSN for the buncha pricks they are. And he didn’t even have to mention the word “bandwagon.”

    I can’t count how many times I’ve tried to be civil to some puke with a ‘B’ on his head, only to have it thrown back in my face. Case in point: New Year’s Eve 2005, DuPont Circle, DC. I’m fairly tanked walking home, proudly wearing my interlocking NY cap, past a group of guys who’ve also been sampling the goods, and I wish them a friendly Happy New Year. The verbatim response, accompanied with a smirk, a sneer, and some indiscriminate cussing and lewd gestures? “Sorry, we’re Red Sox fans.”

    Seriously guys? On New Year’s??

    • Joseph P.

      Ever try to read “The Devil Wears Pinstripes”? I picked it up in the library one day, and it was back on the shelf within literal minutes.

      Or how about his serialized novel, “24 College Ave,” in which he creates a scene of what he would liked to have done in college had he not been sitting at home and jackin’ it all day. To call it a novel is an insult to literature.

      Yeah, not much love for Caple here.

  • Brenda L

    Well just to go on record, this Virginian thinks there will be some Yankee goodness in the Playoffs. You betcha.

    • Joseph P.

      We should start a grassroots campaign down there. Who do Virginians root for anyway? The Braves?

      • Jersey

        As a Virginian (NJ transplant), I’ll sign up for that.

        Virginians root for the Redskins. And the Hokies. And the Nationals too now.

        But mostly the Redskins.

  • Ben K.

    I warned you all. I said don’t read the idiotic Caple column. I just wanted to show the poll. I can’t stand Jim Caple.

  • Freddy

    Eh, why go to for anything? The Yankees can have a 10 game lead over the Sox right now and the poll results will still be the same if the same question was asked. Everyone hates the Yankees and its shown on sites like (with all their biased writers), shows like Baseball Tonight (Philips & Kruk), etc. The only the people worth listening to/reading over at ESPN is Tim Kurkjian and Peter Gammons. Gammons is a Sox fan, but he’s as unbiased as they come.

    • John

      I gotta disagree with this. Gammons is the worst because he’s the subtlest. Every Red Sox move is genious, all of their prospects are on their way to being a combination of Willy Mays and Bob Gibson, and the Yankees have no answer for that.
      Did you watch his coverage of Theo’s resignation/resigning? The Beckett trade shows that the FO is prepared to move forward because Theo didn’t want to part with Hanley Ramirez (now we see why), no wait, the Beckett trade shows that Theo was on board all along.
      Gammons uses more spin than the White House.

  • Michael

    I’m in Charlotte, NC and you would think the only team in MLB are the Atlanta Braves. Each night for sports we get what the colleges are doing for football, we get a healthy dose of what the high school football teams are doing, then we get the Braves score. sheeeeesh…high school?? come on!

    Peter Gammons unbiased? since when?

  • Jersey

    Looks like the Sox have pulled about even.