Tabata done for year, Garcia suffers setback

Rivera not available again tonight
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From BA:

Yankees outfielder Jose Tabata will miss the remainder of the season after surgery to remove the hamate bone in his right wrist.

The injury has bothered the 19-year-old outfielder since playing in the Venezuelan Winter League, and he’s seen five different hand specialists over the past year to get a proper diagnosis.

“It’s a six-week rehab and he’s going to be fine,” Yankees senior vice president of baseball operations Mark Newman said. “He tried to play through it and he shouldn’t. He’s had problems with it on an off for a while and it really bothered him on a swing. We got him in for an MRI that revealed the damage.”

Well at least he’s getting this fixed once for all. If the kid could hit .307-.371-.392 in the FSL as an 18-yr old with a bum hand, I can’t wait to see what he does fully healthy.

The same article has this on forgotten man Christian Garcia:

The Yankees got hit with more bad news recently when righthander Chris Garcia sustained a knee injury and needed surgery.

Garcia, a third-round pick out of a Miami high school in 2004, was rehabbing from Tommy John surgery at the time of the injury and isn’t expected to begin rehabbing again until November.

“He was doing some running as part of his rehab from (Tommy John),” Newman said. “As fate would have it, this happened. It’s like serving a concurrent sentence for a criminal. We expect him to be ready to go in the spring.”

The Garcia injury is no biggie, it won’t delay his return at all. That’s the good thing about TJ, if you hurt anything else while you’re rehabbing, you have plenty of time to let that heal as well.

Rivera not available again tonight
Good morning, good afternoon, good night
  • dan

    “surgery to remove the hamate bone”

    they are sure it’s to remove the bone, and not just to repair it? i honestly have no idea what the purpose of the bone is, or most other bones for that manner, but are they actually going to just take it out and he will be fine with one fewer bone?

  • dan


  • Mike R.

    I am going out on a limb and taking this moment to predict a Joba-like rise through the system for Christian Garcia next year. Some of you might call me crazy, but you won’t be the first and certainly won’t be the last to do so.

  • dan

    i wouldnt say you’re crazy about his level of ability, but you have to realize the limitations. Joba had/has better control of his pitches that garcia (even excluding garcia’s numbers just prior to the injury). pitchers usually take some time to get their command back after coming back from TJ. Everything would have to go perfectly (as it did for joba), and the yankees would still then have to be agressive with his promotions, which might not happen because he’s coming off injuries. lastly, other pitchers such as kennedy, horne, jones, and possibly ryan pope would have to falter for garcia to shoot past them as quickly as joba did

  • Joseph P.

    Yeah, they’re going to remove the bone. Rickey Henderson had the same thing done back in the day.

  • The Scout

    The lesson here: an organization should never pin too many hopes on one prospect. Too many fall by the wayside due to injuries. Tabata and Garcia are no tthe first and, sadly, they won’t be the last. “You can never have too many prospects.”

  • cult of basebaal

    that’s a good motto for an organization … “sign ’em all, let god (injuries,inability to hit a curveball, lack of stuff, steve blass disease, etc) sort ’em out”

  • Greg G.

    I just wanted to comment that I found Newman’s line: “…it’s like serving a concurrent sentence for a criminal…” simultaneously illuminative, amusing, and a bit creepy. Perhaps, he, like my wife, watches way too much Law and Order.

    (Now if he starts calling his prospects “perps”, then I’ll be worried)

  • Dude

    hopefully it was this bone that was slowing tabata’s power, so get it done now (at 19) so he can continue next year (or in fall/winter ball) to climb the system. do you think he’s a lock for Trenton in 08?

  • Pettitte’s stare

    Dude, with his injury I bet he starts the year in High A again to make sure everything is going well and keep his confidence. If everything goes well then he might be sent up to Tampa but I doubt it is at the start of the season.

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