The good news about Tabata’s injury


From Kevin Goldstein at Baseball Prospectus (subscription required):

The fact that he recently had surgery on his hamate bone is a mitigating factor, as that’s exactly the kind of injury that can sap a player of his power…Nonetheless, on a pure hitting level, Tabata is pretty special and should be a consistent contender for batting titles when he reaches the big leagues.

It’s a little reassuring, and should at least silence the Tabata cynics for another six months or so. Hard to knock a guy’s power when he’s on the DL with an injury that was directly related to it.

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  • Ricochet

    His wrist is clearly what is holding back his power and once he’s healthy when his wrist is fixed and rehabed the power will come but let’s not forget he was only 18 and some guys don’t start showing there power until the early mid 20′s.

    IMO he’s more like Magglio Ordonez than Manny who he’s often compared to.