The umpires are complete fools

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To offer up a counterpoint to Mike, I don’t think Joba was trying to hit Kevin Youkilis intentionally. I don’t know what happened with those pitches; I don’t know what was going through Joba’s head. But it doesn’t make sense.

That is, however, besides the point. I want to direct your attention instead to a quotation from umpire crew chief Derryl Cousins in this Jack Curry article:

“Those were two pretty nasty pitches the young man threw,” Cousins said. “Up here, you need to be a little better throwing strikes, and we just had to put a lid on it.”

Now, in my opinion, the 9th inning was handled badly by everyone today. Torre’s decision to stick with Joba in the 9th is indefensible when Chamberlain is limited in how often he can pitch. Furthermore, Angel Hernandez, the umpire who ejected Chamberlain, was out of control. Chamberlain threw two bad pitches, and no warning during the course of this entire series was issued. So why not warn the 21-year-old and let the game continue? No one wants to see Angel Hernandez flailing around like a power-hungry fool. They do, however, want to see Joba Chamberlain.

Then, when the game ends, Derryl Cousins has the nerve to refer to the 2004 fight between A-Rod and Jason Varitek as the supposed history between these two teams. He then starts talking condescendingly about “up here, you need to be a little better [at] throwing strikes.” So the umpires decided to “put a lid on it.”

Last I checked, most relief pitches don’t get ejected when they can’t find the strike zone. Did Edwar Ramirez get ejected when he threw 19 of 20 pitches out of the strike zone last month? He certainly wasn’t too good about throwing strikes “up here.” Last I checked, pitching coaches are the ones who determine when to “put a lid on it” when their young pitchers aren’t near the plate. I didn’t realize Angel Hernandez was actually helping the Yankees by removing a wild pitcher from a game. I guess we should thank him then.

So who knows what happened? Who knows why Joba was throwing over Kevin Youkilis’ head. If he did it on purpose, more power to him. If he didn’t, then oops, and everyone’s blowing this out of propotion. But there is no doubt in my mind that Angel Hernandez first and Derryl Cousins second have handled this situation so poorly. Their actions and words cast more of a negative shadow on the game and the sport than two of Joba’s errant pitches did today.

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  • Dan

    …I don’t know, I’m a Yankee fan, and I’m kind of uncomfortable with throwing 99 mph heat near a guy’s head. My impression is that A-Rod tends to get hit in the legs. Still not cool, but they’re not trying to turn him into Tony Conigliaro. If Joba does hit Youkilis in the head, that’s really dangerous.

    I also don’t really believe that Joba just had two pitches “slip”; they’re too close to each other. He’s probably thinking, I want to scare Youkilis a bit, without meaning to hit him. But he’s taking a chance there I don’t think is cool.

  • brxbmrs


    Your impression is wrong – A-Rod got hit in the shoulder (that’s the second time by Dice -K who didn;t seem to have the slightest bit of problem doing it to A-Rod and his control was just fine otherwise) and he’s taken a few in the upper body recently (above the elbow).

    Joba didn’t look like he had great control yesterday – have no idea if he was trying to hit Youk or not, but even with bad control, if he wanted to drill him he could have.

    I just want to win the games, I don’t want to see the Yanks awaken a slumping team, but it irks me to see people “uncomfortable” – I think we all need to grow a pair.

    Yanks need to move some of these guys off the plate – not hit them.


    • Joseph P.

      I’m following your line of thinking on this one. The pitches were safely over Youk’s head, so there was absolutely no intention to hit him.

      To me, it’s like taunting your little brother because you know you’ll get him riled up. Youk had been calm and patient in the box most of the game. Then he got fired up because of his out of the baseline call (which was the correct call, fuck you very much, Youk). That might have gotten him fired up, but throwing the ball over his head gets him thinking. And the worst thing you can do in the batters box, unless your name is Jason Giambi, is think.

      Just my take on it.

  • Lil Jimmy Norden

    i dont see anything wrong with ejecting joba. if he got tossed after the 1st one id be upset, but twice over the dudes head? i think it was on purpose.

    • mg

      If you think it’s on purpose you warn him. If he did it again the you toss him.

  • Freddy

    On Mike & Mike in the Morning, 1 reason they tossed up in the air as to why Joba would want to hit Youkilis is because how Youkilis showed up Farnsworth after his homerun on Wednesday. I was at that game so I really didn’t get a chance to see how and if Youkilis showed up Farnsworth. Is there any truth to that? Anyways, I think its bullshit that he got tossed without a warning. He should’ve been warned first.

  • brxbmrs


    I think if the pitches were behind him, that’s how you could potentially hurt someone – even then, remember when Sosa leaned back into a 94+ mph fb that hit him in the ear hole and broke the helmet? IOW, I think the danger is greatly overrated – the helmets keep getting better, the batters wear armor and plus they have their reaction time to aid them in avoiding injury – I think most of them act like pampered p*ssies – but again, JMO ;-)

    Here’s the real rub with Joba yesterday – his location and movement wasn’t all there – that’s why the Sox actually hit the ball against him.

    Maybe he was trying to move Youk off the plate, b\c the Sox were putting it in play – I really don’t know (guess, no, he was nervous and didn’t have his perfect command)- but I can’t get worked up about it in the least.

    I don’t advocate retaliation by hitting a guy – b\c I feel thats how you end up with one or more of your own players hurt, but I love the way Mo backs guys off – high and tight and he makes them move their feet, but there is never a question that he’s gonna actually hit the guy – just another reason why Mo is the greatest!

    Last, I’ll say this directly to you and never comment on it again (I apologize for O\T), for all those who are so concerned about a players safety, I’d like them to think about how well cared for and protected these players are in comparison to the other 6 billion people on this planet.

    I worry about those who are born into poverty, war, famine, Mets families – the real human tragedies, not a scardy cat 1st baseman with sub par power who soils his panties when a ball comes within 2 feet of his noggin – note to Youk: that Eric the Red haircut and facial hair isn’t working – if you are going to look like an invading Hun, how about acting like a man?

    Thanks for a great site and outlet for our opinions.

  • Mike A.

    I worry about those who are born into poverty, war, famine, Mets families

    Hey, I was born into a Mets family! It’s okay, bashing on the Mets is one of my all-time favorite hobbies.

    Anywho, one of the main reasons that I think it was intentional was the second pitch. He was off all day, and if he misses once then fine, I can accept that as slippage. But a second pitch that was nearly identical to the first? That’s hard for me to write off accidental.

    One things for sure, it’s going to get interesting in Fenway in a few weeks, regardless of standings. Those nitwits hold grudges like high school girls.

  • Josh K

    I am not sure about Joba and his pitches. I agree with others about a warning that should of been given first before tossing him. His command was a little sketchy so those two pitches were probably errant throws by accident.

    I agree with Mike A. It should be interesting when the Yanks head to Boston. I have a feeling some folks may be getting ejected after a few bean balls. I can probably bet that A-Rod will get wacked first. Really sucks….

  • brxbmrs

    >Hey, I was born into a Mets family! Those nitwits hold grudges like high school girls.

  • Ivan

    I gonna be honest, this situation is completely blown out of poportion because of two things:

    A: Joba threw two balls over somebody’s head and most significantly which leads to B

    B: This is a Yankee and Redsox game and is completely blown up by the media of both sides.

    First off in my perspective Joba didn’t throw those two balls on purpose. I just going by feeling. It just happen. Yes, the kid has good control and has been excellent but even he’s gonna have some fuck ups too.

    If this was a Royals twins game and the same situation happen, it would of been such of a big story. The media on both sides love these situations and stuff like that. It’s really ridiculous how two mistake pitches by 21 year old has completey shadowed the huge perspective of not only the Yankees winning the game but sweeping the series and not to mention leading the wild card.

    Lets be honest this is nothing more than just the media making a big deal of everything and it makes it even better than for them that it is Yankee/Redsox.

    Nevertheless, great job by the Yanks.

  • Mike 44

    Here’s my two cents:

    Chamberlain either

    a) Had subpar control yesterday and let two straight go high and inside (PS, he was facing a lefty two nights before and threw a similar pitch to what he threw to Youkilis and Singleton said something along the lines of “good thing [the lefty batter] is not right-handed.)

    b) Had control yesterday and threw two controlled pitches over the head of Youkilis. My feeling is that if he wanted to him, he wouldve hit him. Perhaps he wanted to buzz him the first time, and after Youk stared at him, Chamberlain got a chip on his shoulder and threw over his head again.

  • Wordekemper = Wizard

    Chamberlain was pitching high and inside, and lost control both times. Roger probably did tell him to make Youk think about it. Not to bean him, but PITCH. The fact it happened to Youkilis makes the Yankees feel fine with it, retaliation coming or not.
    Nobody is talking here about the innings pitched factor, which I think is utter bogus. First, Chamberlain has taken numerous multiple days off after pitching a single inning. Joe has reserved him for tight situations, and he isn’t pitching every other day. Besides, he can pitch two innings. So what’s the “indefensible” action that Torre has taken here exactly? Not even Cashman is upset about that. This Joba Rules thing is definitely highlighting the subtle tension btw. Cash and Torre. Anybody see that quote from Cash yesterday, about how “He (Torre) likes to talk a lot about it (the Joba rules). I don’t.” Cash is a little annoyed that anyone at all will sour on the Yankees game plan because they put Joba in for an extra third of an inning here, or don’t play him for two straight days. Who friggin cares? They are protecting him. Be happy. When he comes in the game, have fun.
    By the way, anybody seeing Wordekemper’s lines. Baby. I’m really happy Robertson and Patterson got their deserved promos, but WORDEKEMPER, BABY!

    • Ben K.

      We mentioned the innings pitched issue yesterday during the game thread. Basically, Torre was asleep at the wheel. Bruney, Britton or Edwar should have been out there for the 9th, no doubt.

      • Wordekemper = Wizard

        I agree that the 9th belonged to somebody other than Joba. Not because it breaks any “rules”, but because he wasn’t necessary in a 5-0. That’s why it seems that much more peculiar with Edwar warming up that Joba was sent in to a) face Ortiz, and b)pitch Youk in tight. I think the umps were completely in the right, too. Who needs a warning if everything he sees is telling him that Joba is about to hurt somebody? I am not saying he would have thrown a third pitch like that, I’m just saying the notion of a warning is akin to a parent needing to tell their child that pillows are ok to throw and glass bottles are not. Warnings are silly if they mean that an umpire can’t take action on something because they should have issued a warning prior. They’re not babies out there, and neither are we. Fair call and comments after.

  • bkight13

    Youkilis is just a big baby. He cries about any strike called against him. He said he was mad because Joba has great control and then just happens to miss him twice. Well which is it, because if Joba was aiming for Youk’s Jupiter-sized head then there is no way he could miss it twice.

  • Mike A.

    Oh man, that new “Rants” category is going to get a workout.

  • Motown Yankees Fan

    According to the Yankee website, Joba has been suspended two games and will start serving tonight. And Josh Towers never got ANYTHING. This is infuriating (Although, sort of in keeping with the Joba Rules).