Torre’s lineup attempts to diffuse a sticky situation


We’re hearing that Alex Rodriguez will take the night off and Wilson Betemit will start at third as the Yanks wrap up a series against the Blue Jays tonight. I like this move. The Yanks have already won the series; they have their ace going in Wang; and there’s no reason to further Toronto’s petty ridiculousness by having A-Rod act as a moving target for another season of missed expectations by an overpaid Blue Jays squad. His bat can come off the bench, and A-Rod can rest.

Update: This is indeed the way the lineup shakes down for tonight. Also, of note, Jason Giambi is DHing and Johnny Damon is enjoying the game from the bench.

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  • Gibb

    yeah what a bunch of bitches. i couldnt believe what towers said about pena. is that guy kidding? what a joke. the nerve of that guy to question pena’s right to talk smack. pena’s earned the right to drop kick towers in the head.

    …which would have been hilarious

  • Patrick