Weems to sign, Holle…not so much

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From the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer:

Even with Wednesday’s midnight signing deadline quickly approaching, Columbus High catcher Chase Weems was never worried whether he’d sign with the New York Yankees.

Weems, who was taken with the final pick in the sixth round of June’s Major League Baseball amateur draft, is expected to sign with the Yankees today, according to his father Rick Weems.

The Blue Devils catcher was able to remain calm and relaxed being that he and Yankees agreed to the terms of his signing bonus on June 9 — the day after he was drafted — Rick Weems told the Ledger-Enquirer.

Rick Weems wouldn’t release the amount of the signing bonus, saying the Yankees asked them not to reveal it. He did indicate that it would be “way over the slotted” — or recommended — amount.

Rick Weems also said it would be about second-round money.

Second round money huh? Nice pull by Weems and his agent, that should be good for around $300-500k. Weems isn’t as good a prospect as 2nd rounder Austin Romine, but he’s a darn good prospect in his own right, and improves the Yanks’ depth behind the plate considerably.

Elsewhere, from the Albany Times Union:

The New York Yankees drafted Greg Holle in June and made every effort to sign the 6-foot-8 pitcher.

But with the Aug. 15 deadline to sign 2007 draft picks fast approaching, Holle decided to pass now on pro baseball.

Instead, the Christian Brothers Academy graduate is following his original plan to play for coach Jim Schlossnagle at Texas Christian University.

“They raised their offer and it got close,” Holle said. “I just felt like I can improve myself enough that in three years (when I become eligible again for the MLB draft in 2010), I’ll be in a better position.”

Holle’s a talented kid, but he’d probably be best off turning pro, where they can help him with his mechanics (he’s 6’8″ remember) moreso than any college coach. He’s got a chance to be a very good prospect for the 2010 draft, and hey, the Yanks could always draft him then.

Yankee legend Rizzuto passes away
Romney was against the Yankees before he was for them
  • Joe

    I went to Christian Brothers Academy, it’s military/catholic school, lot’s of discipline, would have been nice to get an alum with the Yankees.

  • dan

    i hadn’t heard a thing about holle until just now. what round was he even drafted in?

  • The Scout

    He was drafted in the 35th round, a good indication the Yankees expected him to favor college and weren’t prepared to blow him away with an offer.