Why I love Mike Mussina

Eddie Layton, master organist
Ron Villone just walked in a run on a hit and 3 BBs...

With the Red Sox winning earlier in the evening and Seattle taking a comfortable lead into the late innings against Minnesota, Mike Mussina turned in a vintage performance. At 10:56 p.m. in New York, Mussina was removed from the game after a whopping five outs. His final line: 1.2 IP, 7 H, 7 ER, 2 BB, 1 K. And for the first time all season, I will be going to bed before the Yankee game ends. On second thought, I may just stay up yet.

Eddie Layton, master organist
Ron Villone just walked in a run on a hit and 3 BBs...
  • dan

    we need to get an ian kennedy campaign going.

  • yankeegirl2

    i really, truly hope that this was mussina’s last start for the yankees this season.

  • RollingWave

    seriously, this start was even worse than the last one by a huge margin, last start he had decent enough stuff but keep missing the corner by inchs, today he both missed the corners and have 0 plus pitch. jesus… i don’t think he’s done as a pitcher, but with our playoff hopes on the line we need to think of some alternatives

  • RJ -Ct

    One of the things that drives me crazy about Mussina is that he is basically emotionless out on the mound. You can’t tell if he’s throwing a no-hitter or taking a shit on the rubber like tonight. Usually that would probably come across as a good attribute for a pitcher, someone who doesn’t let emotions effect his game. However, the only times you see him upset is when a player botches a play behind him or he is on the bench and the bullpen blows a win for him. You’ve gotta think Cashman and even Torre at this point have to think that starting someone else in Detroit on Monday, especially considering the importance of those games. Who cares how much they’re paying him, the bottomline is winning and he actually lowers the chances. Is there anyone out there who honestly wants to see Mussina face a decent team again down the stretch? anyone?

  • C-Note

    I second that DAN, can we get the IAN KENNEDY WATCH going, this type of shit in the middle of a playoff run, unbelievable

  • DKA

    If you get Ian Kennedy in the rotation this season, it’s because you’ve fallen out of contention. Is that what you want?

    We’re stuck with Mussina this season, and probably next. We’re the team that signed him to a new two-year contract. Now we have to live with it.

    That being said, players who can’t rise up to “must win” situations don’t belong on this team. Not this year or ever.

  • dan

    exactly, if mussina cant rise up to a must win situation then he doesnt belong on the team.

  • ShawnT

    Ian kennedy campaign has started

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    I just saw this marvelous factoid over at Lohud:

    This is the seventh time this season Mussina has started a game after a loss. He is now 0-6!

    I don’t want to see his face anywhere near a playoff rotation spot.

    When’s the last time Moose stepped up when we needed a friggin win. I’m thinking the 2001 playoff against Oakland.

  • RollingWave

    I’d rather see Moose the emotionless than Weaver emotion that’s for sure, what did you want really, him beaming guys with 80mph pitches? or get all pumped up after a disgrace of a performance?

    I rather not go in Kennedy this year yeah, but do you REALLY want Moose in there against Detriot or… Boston?

    I mean the Angels are actually one club Moose owns for his career.

  • Relaunch

    I hate Mussina. I hate the Mussina Meltdown. I was expecting a bad start last night, but no where near what he gave.

    His good stretch was against all shit hitting teams.

  • tony from the bronx

    mussina shows emotion only when an umpire blows a call or a fielder makes an error behind him he is the worse 240 wins pitcher of all time the man has no heart if everything is not perfect he just caves you never see him grind like a pettite or even a clemons unfortantely we are stuck with him for this year and next joe is giving him the ball every 5th day he wont even skip him if he could

  • gt

    I questioned Molina’s Loyalty to Yankees rather than his former team Angels

    Everyone blaming Mussina. It’s Molina’s fault that Fat bastard… He’s helping his former team
    The “Demons” I mean Angels win this ballgame.. Thanks alot Fatso. I don’t trust this guy whatsoever.. Molina doing this on purpose , location of Mussina pitches and placing them middle of the plate.

    Watch out for Molina ,He’s Benedict Arnold for the Yankees. He’s rat and will give secrets out to his former teammates from Yankees starting pitchers.. Redsox are so clever that He let him go the arch rival . He’s working for Angels and as Inside Man for the Angels Organization.. Angels are willing him to trade Rival Yankees and make contact with Mike Sciocia regarding Yankees hitters and pitchers. I don’t trust this guy what so ever… same with Damon.

    Molina is the starting catcher tonight and former Angel. He suppose to know how to get Angels hitters out not Help them Win.

    I would rather have Wil Nieves back as a Yankees than “Benedict Arnold” Jose Molina. If I see Molina walking in streets of Nyc, I would slap him and beat him up…

  • C-Note

    if we only see Kennedy because the yanks have fallen out of contention that’s just FUCKING STUPID

  • DKA

    C-Note – that’s not what I said. I said if you see Ian Kennedy take Mussina’s spot in the rotation. That’s not stupid at all. Replacing a longstanding member of your rotation, in the middle of a pennant race, with a rookie with a grand total of zero innings pitched is not going to happen.

    Add to that, as Peter Abraham said, the fact that Kennedy has already pitched 140 innings this season.

    Add to that this observaton: are we winning the games Phil Hughes is pitching? That’s not insulting Hughes, as I think he belongs in the rotation, but you cannot possibly think that you can just throw a 21 year-old out there and expect him to be lights-out for you right off the bat. If that’s your idea of the learning curve in baseball then that, my friend, is just “fucking stupid.”

  • C-Note

    are you watching the same games I am DKA? Hughes is pitching a helluva a lot better than Mussina lately, isn’t the point to put your best team out there? Is giving the ball to Moose every 5 days doing that? No one is expecting Hughes or Kennedy to be lights out-(when the fuck did I say Hughes needed to pitch lights out?, then break my balls over something I didn’t even say so you can make a point? Bullshit, you talk nonsense and I’m gonna call you on it) just to give the team a chance, something that Moose isn’t doing… if they were willing to take David Cone out of the rotation they need to consider it with Mussina- and not for Igawa or DeSalvo or Wright but for Kennedy