• Mike K

    Mike Stanton is turning over in his grave after his # went to Igawa

  • http://SportingGurus.com Adam

    I’ll put that in my Kevin Brown-Raul Mondesi-Hideki Irabu collection.

  • Sal

    i actually wanted to launch a website that specialized in really poop ballplayers jerseys; i was going to call it http://www.stalejerseys.com

    Igawa definitely qualifies as a stale jersey

  • dan

    didnt realize stanton died.

    Theres a store where you can buy the jerseys of basketball players who were just traded. they had a rasheed wallace hawks jersey (he played one game for them) and antonio mcdyess knicks jersey (like 20 games)

  • Malcard89

    i’ll buy that jersey! i’ll just turn it inside out :)

  • sam

    these were on sale at stan’s for $10 on monday…

  • Freddy

    That reminds me, I’m out of toilet paper.

  • RollingWave

    LOL, I think it might end up being good if it was a Padres / Mariners / Nationals jersey though. as sad as it sounds, anyone here not see Igawa surely pitching either in the first or final game of the WS a few years from now and winning ? (Contreras and Weaver …)