A-Rod a fit anywhere


In his blog today, Buster Olney lays out a case for A-Rod and the Dodgers. Olney, who has spent the season imaging A-Rod everywhere else but New York, claims that the future Hall of Famer would be “a perfect fit for the Dodgers.” This begs the question: Isn’t A-Rod – one of the best baseball players ever – a perfect fit for any team?

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  • Mike A.

    Yeah that Johan Santana guy, he’d be a great fit for the Yankees. Or the Mets. Or the Dodgers. Or the Red Sox. Or the Tigers. Or the Marlins. Or the Diamondbacks. Or the…

  • Brian

    Buster Olney: Avenger of the Certain

    I wonder if this works with the ladies. For example, Gisele would be a great fit for me….gosh, this makes analysis so easy!

    • dan

      Imagine Buster’s pickup lines: “Hey, I’m Buster Olney and I think you’d be a great fit in my bed”

      • dan

        Response: “HAHAHAHA your name’s actually Buster? I pity you.”

      • Mike A.

        “Hey baby, I lost my phone number, Buster Olney says yours would be a good fit for me.”

        Think that’d work?

  • Mike R.

    That Mauer kid would be a great back-up to Posada next year. I wonder what Buster would say.

    • Mike A.

      Don’t forget Morneau & Nathan, they’d be great fits at first and in the back of the bullpen, respectively.

  • Mike A.

    Things Buster Olney feel would be a good fit in obvious places..

    I think a new, long-running RAB inside joke was just born.

    • dan

      On his blog, Olney reports that Mike might be on to something

      • Joseph P.

        This is gonna be fun.

  • Tommy

    Okay yeah I agree har har Olney’s a douche but the Dodgers DO need a third baseman and they DO have a ton of money and boy can they not hit. At all. Just sayin’.

    • Mike A.

      They have Andy LaRoche, who could very easily contribute .290-20-75 next year at one ninety-fifth the cost of A-Rod. Playing Loney, Kemp & Ethier full-time all year will also help the offense.

      And as we Yankee fans have realized this year, it’s a whole lot more fun to root for young, homegrown kids than it is to root for hired mercenaries.

  • Tommy

    You definitely right, and as I don’t have ESPN Insider I don’t have the privilege of reading Mr. Olney’s thoughts. However, from the standpoint of who will sign him as opposed to who ought to, I think the Dodgers are right up there with the Angels and the Yankees. No matter how you dice it, 30 million is a lot of dollars.

  • Brian

    Well there you go about LaRoche, knowing something Buster Olney doesn’t.
    But what he does know would be the longest book in the world, consisting of how I might be a great fit in the front row behind Posada for Game 4 (it’ll take 4, right?) of the World Series.

    • paul albany

      what was that song “he’s gone” well he gone gone gone lets say gobye and consontrate on a new 3b someone who’s a know winner not an all star.

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