And starring Kei Igawa as a Flying Monkey…

Then there was one

Today, the Yanks left the Bronx to embark on the final road trip of the season. As is tradition, the rookies had to dress up at the veterans’ orders. I have no idea who picked The Wizard of Oz, but Joba Chamberlain (Cowardly Lion) and Ian Kennedy (Dorothy) have never looked better.

As the pictures after the jump amusingly illustrate, Phil Hughes as the Tin Man and Shelley Duncan as the Scarecrow rounded out the quartet. I have no idea if Kyle Farnsworth, perennially in the Yankee doghouse, played the part of Toto.

They’re off to see the Wizard.

Chase Wright dons the garb of Glenda the Good Witch.

Kei Igawa, sunglasses intact, plays the part of a Flying Monkey.

Ross Ohlendorf as a palace guard.

Joba loved being the Lion.

All photos courtesy of the Associated Press.

Then there was one
  • JRVJ

    Well, being the lion is not particularly demeaning (it’s goofy, but not particularly demeaning).

    Dressing up like Dorothy and Glenda…. well, that’s something else.

  • Adam B.

    Phil and Shelley seemed to be enjoying it. Shelley as the scarecrow seems fitting.

  • chris

    I thought for sure Edwar was going to be the scarecrow.

  • mg

    Igawa as a flying butt monkey is classic but where are then sunglasses?

    • Ben K.

      He’s wearing them. Look at the photo.

      • mg

        So he is. Had to look at him on a bigger screen than my phone.

  • dan

    this is so amazing. I wonder how they treat a guy like karstens, who pitched as a rookie last year too.

  • Batty

    Awesome :)

  • NYFan50

    The comments link on the most recent post re: Magic Number goes to the Breaking Balls site.

    • Ben K.

      Fixed now. Thanks for that heads up.

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  • Joseph P.

    Nice man purse, Phil.

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  • Katy

    Wow. This is amazing.

  • Brian

    in kennedy’s case, talk about adding insult to injury

  • Cindy

    Ahhh, that’s beautiful…

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