Andy Van Slyke will not pay that subway fare


When the Tigers were in town a few weeks ago, Andy Van Slyke tried to jump the subway turnstiles at Yankee Stadium. As any astute fan knows, the transit cops lie in wait at the ends of games, and Van Slyke was slapped with a $60 ticket at the time. Read more about it at Second Ave. Sagas.

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  • KAnst

    Just figured I would point this out to anyone who didnt notice, but Austin Jackson is currently in AAA. Talk about a large jump

    • Mike A.

      It’s just to get an extra outfielder up there with KT DFA’ed & the playoffs about to start. Anthony Claggett & Eric Hacker are also up there, just to fill out the pitching staff.

      Trenton needs their guys for the AA playoff push.