Announcing the caption contest winners

Yanks to torture fanbase tonight
Game 157: Win and in

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Time to announce the winners of the fan-on-the-field caption contest. So without further ado:

The winner with 48 votes is Mike R.: Just one more unfunny moment in the career of Dane Cook

In second place with 32 votes is Yankee Fan in Chicago: I don’t have no friggin laptops!

In third place with 29 votes is usty: “Oh no, grass stains on my new khakis! Mom’s gonna kill me!!”

Those three folks win the Yankees World Series DVD collection. Thanks to all who participated.

Yanks to torture fanbase tonight
Game 157: Win and in
  • JS

    And the winner in the “MOST BITTER ABOUT HAVING HIS SUBMISSION REJECTED” is JS, who submitted the Ed Grimley returns idea…..

    • Ben K.

      If I had a consolation prize, it would be yours.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Su-wweet. Look for an email from me Ben with my snailmail addy. Looking forward to the collection. Thanks to all those who voted for me . . . as for the rest of you . . .

  • dan

    I still think the “laptops” should have won. I really don’t see why the Dane Cook line is so funny.

    • rbizzler

      Ahhh, I agree, the Clay laptop jokes never get old (at least not yet). Any word on sponsoring his BR page with a reference to this? I mean, it is kind of lame, but in the same vein as RS fans sponsoring Phil’s page with a reference to his youthful indiscretion of being a Red Sox fan.

      • Mike A.

        Someone already grabbed Buchholz’s B-R page, so no dice. And as far as I’m concerned, Clay Buchholz laptop jokes will never get old.