Announcing the caption contest winners


It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Time to announce the winners of the fan-on-the-field caption contest. So without further ado:

The winner with 48 votes is Mike R.: Just one more unfunny moment in the career of Dane Cook

In second place with 32 votes is Yankee Fan in Chicago: I don’t have no friggin laptops!

In third place with 29 votes is usty: “Oh no, grass stains on my new khakis! Mom’s gonna kill me!!”

Those three folks win the Yankees World Series DVD collection. Thanks to all who participated.

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  • JS

    And the winner in the “MOST BITTER ABOUT HAVING HIS SUBMISSION REJECTED” is JS, who submitted the Ed Grimley returns idea…..

    • Ben K.

      If I had a consolation prize, it would be yours.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Su-wweet. Look for an email from me Ben with my snailmail addy. Looking forward to the collection. Thanks to all those who voted for me . . . as for the rest of you . . .

  • dan

    I still think the “laptops” should have won. I really don’t see why the Dane Cook line is so funny.

    • rbizzler

      Ahhh, I agree, the Clay laptop jokes never get old (at least not yet). Any word on sponsoring his BR page with a reference to this? I mean, it is kind of lame, but in the same vein as RS fans sponsoring Phil’s page with a reference to his youthful indiscretion of being a Red Sox fan.

      • Mike A.

        Someone already grabbed Buchholz’s B-R page, so no dice. And as far as I’m concerned, Clay Buchholz laptop jokes will never get old.