Cover your eyes Mets’ fans

Baseball? In Hawaii??? What a novel idea!
Move over 2004 Yankees

It’s gettin’ ugly early. 4-0 Fish, 1 out in the top of the first.

Update: Glavine just plunked Dontrelle Willis with the bases loaded, 5-0 Fish. Tommy’s out, Jorge Sosa’s on in relief. Still only 1 out.

Update 2: Big K of Hanley by Sosa.

Update 3: Double down the LF line by Uggla. 7-0 Fish after the first. Ya gotta believe.

Baseball? In Hawaii??? What a novel idea!
Move over 2004 Yankees
  • Malcard89

    man that top half of the 1st was gruesome.

  • Jersey

    They pulled Delgado, I assume because he was injured after the HBP. One less big bat to help the Mets come back…

    • Mike A.

      The Mets’ broadcasters are saying that Delgado suffered a fractured hand when he was hit by the pitch.

  • NYFan50

    Remember the good old days earlier in the season when the stories were all about how the Mets were now the best team in New York, and Reyes/Wright were the better left side of the infield than Jeter/ARod? Good times.

    • Malcard89

      couldnt have said it better, nyfan50. i mean even tho im a yankee fan, im from new york city (queens as a matter of fact, lol), so i wouldnt have minded the mets in the playoffs, but after all these ridiculous articles about how the mets had more talent on the field and a better future — when in reality these writers had no idea about the yankees minor league depth and that the yankees lefthanded hitters (abreu, cano, matsui) were simply slumping and would revert to their career norms given time — i couldnt be happier to see the mets season end in a whimper.

  • Lil Jimmy Norden

    i cant believe they’re 3 innings from not making the playoffs. unbelievable collapse.

    • John

      I’ve said it on other sites: 1951 Dodgers. This is what you get for trying to pick up the old Dodger’s fanbase.

  • Count Zero

    The good news is I will never have to hear: “2004 – ALCS – biggest choke ever” from a Mets fan again. All I have to say is: “7 up with 17 to go.” :-)

    Ouch! Almost makes me feel bad for them…NOT.

  • Mike A.

    Man, did you hear those boos for Reyes?

  • Mike A.

    Damn yo, and the NL Wildcard is coming down to the wire too. The Pads are down 5 with 2 innings to go, and the Rocks are up by 1 in the 7th innings. Wowza. What a great finish to a great year.

  • Marc

    hey mike, you got any info on the rockies pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez ? he looks filthy but i havent read too much bout him before a week or 2 ago

    • Mike A.

      Throws hard (like Joba hard, 98 and up), decent breaking ball, control problems. He got hurt a ton in the minors, but he’s been a pretty big prospect for a few years. More than likely he ends up in the ‘pen because his changeup sucks.

      He sure did save the Rockies’ asses this year though.

  • The Scout

    Has anyone seen Steve Phillips of ESPN lately — he of the bold trade-deadline prediction that the Mets would make the playoffs but the Yankees would not? I believe he’d make an excellent GM. The Mets may have an opening

    • Mike A.

      Steve Phillips is a complete idiot. He’s not even worth thinking up some smart ass comment for. He is a fucking moron, and how he ever managed to finagle a job in a Major League front office is beyond my comprehension.

      Remember when he wanted to trade A-Rod because he couldn’t handle New York?

      Remember when he said the Mariners would win the Wild Card because of their pitching, despite the fact that they were like, 3 games back of the Yanks?

      Remember when he traded for Mo Vaughn?

      Complete, and total moron. He’s stealing money from ESPN. His analysis is completely worthless.


      • The Scout

        I think we are in full agreement :-)

  • Gary D

    The afternoon that the Fish scored a TD and chased that twit Glavine in the top of the first and when TG threw that baseball into left field chasing a bunt down and Fish runners were running up and down the bases like thier pants were on fire and then you Met fans had to suffer through nine, long agonizingly painful innings as Willie and troops sat stunned in disbelief and were realizing that they had choked to the highest magnitude…remember that day?

    That day I had the most fun I ever did have with me clothes still on!

    Go Yankees, who rule NYC and the world!