Don’t throw near the Red Sox, and other lessons from Baltimore

Abreu likely to remain in pinstripes in ’08
Game 147: A word on the rivalry

Major League Baseball has suspended Daniel Cabrera of the Orioles for throwing behind Dustin Pedroia. Supposedly, Cabrera’s toss behind little Dustin’s head was intentional, but I’m thinking the Red Sox are getting very good at whining about inside (or behind-the-head) pitches. Remember that Joba incident? How many times did Pedro hit members of the Yankees with no ejection or suspension? Grow a pair, Boston.

Abreu likely to remain in pinstripes in ’08
Game 147: A word on the rivalry
  • Rob_in_CT

    I’m no advocate of hitting guys intentionally (if nothing else, free baserunners are bad, m’kay), but I’m getting sick and tired of watching Jeter, ARod and Giambi get hit and calmly walk to 1st, and watching Red Sox players freak out because pitches are thrown in their general direction.

  • JohnnyC

    When you consider that Selig is the commissioner and George Mitchell is heading the PED investigation…that’s why the Red Sox feel pretty smug.

  • Jersey

    “Grow a pair”? You mean teats, right? To match the vag?

  • Mike A.

    The Red Sox are a bunch of a whiny bitches, just like their fans. “Boo hoo, we can’t compete with the Yankees financially, we’re such unfortunate underdogs.”

    It’s all fun and games until someone fucking throws back at them.

  • Ivan

    The Daniel Cabrera situation was different because he clearly was throwing at Pedroia. Plus, Cabrera has been known to let his fustration out when things don’t his way.

    Nevertheless, I agree it has gotten to the point where Redsox guys have thrown at yankee players inside with no hesitation. Plus, they bitch when the ball is just a little bit inside. For crying out loud they bitch when CMW was throwing inside a little bit and said it was intentional.

    That is why I hate The Red Sox for so many reasons.