Game 145: Moose season

A Yankee Stadium prank for the ages
Joe Torre, bullpen genius

Mike Mussina, one of the Yankees’ three weathered pitching arms in the twilights of their careers, take the mound tonight. It is his first start since the end of August, and I’m guardedly optimistic that he may be able to keep the Yanks in the game for five innings today.

And really, when push comes to shove, isn’t that all they need? The Yanks didn’t have to use their bullpen bullets last night. Joba’s available; Farnsworth’s available; Rivera’s available. If Mussina can get the Yankees through five innings, I like their chances.

The Yanks are going with their A Team. Every game counts, and if the Yanks can keep the winning streak going through tomorrow, they’ll head into Boston at the most 4.5 games out. Dreams of the division are dancing in my head.


J. Damon DH
D. Jeter SS
B. Abreu RF
A. Rodriguez 3B
H. Matsui LF – He’s in a bit of a slump right now.
J. Posada C
J. Giambi 1B
R. Cano 2B
M. Cabrera CF

M. Mussina P

A Yankee Stadium prank for the ages
Joe Torre, bullpen genius
  • Michael T

    Posada should be batting 5th, and Matsuir dropped to 6th or 7th (if not benched entirely). And why is he playing the field with Mr. Can’t Miss Bats pitching?

    • Ben K.

      It’s Joe Torre’s world. We just live in it.

  • Mac

    On a completely different note, has anyone seen that goddamn Burger King commercial that has been playing on YES? With the guys witth the Boston accents, one of whom is wearing a Boston shirt? And one of them actually says “Wicked?” Don’t you think that’s a terrible move on Burger King’s part to advertise on YES? Like, someone’s just an idiot. Or there are a lot of Yankees fans in Boston that I am unaware of…

  • Dude

    ^ thank god for DVR.

  • Styles

    There actually is alot of Yankee fans in Bost, down in southie, and outside of Boston. The same as there’s alot of Boston fans here in New York. Us two Cities will be intertwined together for eternity

    • dan

      the thought of such things sickens me

  • Mike A.

    Don’t look now, but Moose is cruisin’.

    Who are we gonna bash on now? Oh wait, I forgot about Bruney & Villone…

  • Ben K.

    Mussina does not look pleased to see Joe come out of the dugout right now. At all. Wow.

  • Mike A.

    Great, now Joe’s going to run Edwar into the ground.


    • steve

      amazing isn’t it ? and he threw alot of pitches yesterday as well. hopefully its just for one batter.

    • Ben K.

      Hopefully, this is the only out Edwar needs to get tonight.

  • Mac

    Man, anybody else feeling for Moose here? Great start, possibly crappy end.

  • Mike A.

    26 K in 16.1 IP for Edwar? Damn yo.

  • Mike A.

    Torre’s doing his best to grab defeat from the jaws of victory. Again.

  • Mike A.

    Okay, disaster avoided. Farns-Joba-Mo now? Please?

    • Ben K.

      First, I say putting in Edwar is a defensible move as long as that was his only out. Would you prefer Villone? Bruney? Kid’ll be fine in terms of innings on his arm.

      Sounds like Joba’s coming in. I maybe would consider saving him for the game tomorrow, but if he pitches today, he can go twice against the Red Sox.

  • Mac

    With this start, does this mean Moose is now the four man in a short series? Cause I still don’t really feel comfortable with that…

    • steve

      who are u kicking out of the rotation? hughes ? clemens ?

  • Frank

    Any one else really digging Sherman on the WABC feed? (Waldman pulling a Koufax)

    He just pointed out that Frank Thomas had 152 HR when A-Rod hit his first. Now? Hurt has 508 and Alex has 516.

    Meanwhile, he’s telling good stories and challenging Sterling. There’s an actual Banter!

    I’m writing ABC and telling them how much I like Sherman.

    • steve

      u mean CBS

  • Mike A.

    Why is there nobody warming up in the ‘pen?!? For the love of God, WHY IS THERE NOBODY WARMING UP IN THE PEN?!?!?!?!?!

  • Ben K.

    Apparently, the strike zone has disappeared. Beautiful. Another error by A-Rod costs the Yanks runs. Let’s dump him ;)

  • NYFan50

    Damn )#@&$ Tampa pen.