Game 159: Scrubs day!


Gotta love the lineup tonight. Not much else to say. Enjoy watching some of the irregulars.

1. Johnny Damon, CF
2. Wilson Betemit, 3B
3. Hideki Matsui, LF
4. Jason Giambi, DH
5. Shelley Duncan, 1B
6. Robinson Cano, 2B
7. Jose Molina, C
8. Bronson Sardinha, RF — first major league start for him, and for…
9. Alberto Gonzalez, SS

And on the mound, the reason I’m watching this game, No. 65, Phil Hughes.

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  • Marc

    Kind of curious of some of your opinions… i dvr’ed Darryl Kile’s no-no aainst the mets in 93 b/c it was on espn classic… i was reminded of hughes while i was watching Kile pitch… very similar deliveries, wish i could post some of Kyle pitching but he looked lke a pretty solid comp of Phil… fastball / curveball guy.

    • Mike A.

      Kile morphed into a sinker-slider guy by ’95, and I can’t really see Phil doing that. Take out those 2 miserable years in Colorado, and Darryl Kile had himself one hell of a career. I’d take a similar, but hopefully longer, career from Phil.

  • Marc

    i’m pretty young and Kile passed away not too logn after baseball became a focus for me so before today i had never really watched him pitch.

  • Mike A.

    Someone tell Mike Kay that CM Wang is not a top 3 Cy Young candidate. His homerism borders on lunacy at times.

  • Marc

    thanks mike… he was an obscure comp but i thought ti may be worth a shot

  • Ben K.

    How about those Mets, eh?

    • Mike A.

      The best way to describe the Mets right now is “gutless.”

      • Ben K.

        I prefer to think of them as just plain old sucking.

  • Freddy

    Nice play Shelley

  • Batty

    Hughes is doing OK, good to see his pitch count lower. Should be able to get through 6 if need be (though they’ll probably have the merry go round of relievers).

    • Batty

      Maybe even through 7?

  • Ivan

    He’s really trying to get a feel that change up. He’s thrown it alot.

  • Ivan

    My comparison of Hughes when at full strength Ben Sheets.

  • Batty

    Yay – first hit for the General!

  • Batty

    Damn – Molina is like having mini-Jorge. He’s had some great game changing RBIs.

  • Greg G.

    I’d say the “Joba on back-to-back days” experiment worked out okay. Even if he did throw 20 pitches.

  • kunaldo

    eh, he was hungover…imagine how nasty he would be if he didnt drink the night before

    • Batty

      I was thinking the same thing, after a night like last night I’m sure everyone was dragging a bit. He still got up to 97 or 99 which is a good sign.

  • Ivan

    Go Phil Hughes and Joba. Yeah man.

    By the way, if anybody saw the phil hughes interview, it looks like on his right shoulder he has a tattoo.

  • The Scout

    I feel a lot better about Hughes now than I did about a month ago. He is starting to look more like the prospect he has been touted to be, even if this performance came against a weak team.

    • Joseph P.

      His command still seems a bit off, but his stuff is coming around.

  • Rob_in_CT

    I hardly watched any of the game, but the one curve I saw him throw (in the 5th, IIRC) was nasty. Better than it has been lately.

    The Rays aren’t a good team, but their offense can hit a little bit. 7IP, 1ER is pretty solid against them.