Get over it, Toronto

You gotta be sh*tting me
Karstens to join U.S. Olympic team

The Blue Jays carry a grudge like no other. They still won’t let that Alex Rodriguez pop-up incident die.

Last night, during their second straight loss to the Yanks, Toronto played an in-stadium promo poking fun at A-Rod. The Daily News has more:

In a video game promotion in the middle of the sixth inning, two Jays fans were playing a baseball game on the scoreboard screen, pitching to A-Rod. Twice they threw at him, missing once and hitting him once and leaving Joe Torre unhappy.

“It’s ridiculous,” Torre said after the Yanks beat Toronto, 4-1. “Some of the videos they have period, it’s all about violence. There are certain cities, one of our players gets knocked down and they start laughing and cheering. I don’t understand it.

The Blue Jays, in the past, have advocated booing Hideki Matsui for coming over from Japan and seem to have no class.

No matter; we’ll take it out on them in October. Oh wait. The Blue Jays won’t be playing in October and haven’t since 1993. Too bad.

You gotta be sh*tting me
Karstens to join U.S. Olympic team
  • Michael T

    Maybe we should have soemone drill Vernon Wells for the unsportsmanlike deception he used on that Damon sinking liner. He knew he didn;t catch the ball and acted like he did anyway.

  • steve (different one)

    when did the Blue Jays become such whiney bitches? seriously, their fans were chanting “steroids” at Giambi last night 3 days after Glaus was busted.


  • Andrew

    After more than a decade of mediocrity, you’d think Jays fans would have learned some humility. Ah well. The rest of the world laughs at their pathetic team.

  • C-Note

    hey Joe, you have about 23 pitchers on the team, how about putting in Bruney tonight to drill Rios or Wells?

  • kris

    The fan who “threw at A-Rod” wore a RS hat and jersey. I wonder what would be the response if the promo had featured a virtual Joba hitting a virtual Youkilis in the head. Nah, the Yankees and their fans have too much class for that.

  • steve (different one)

    there are not enough pixels in the world to make a virtual Youkilis head.

  • Barry

    I’m surprised Toronto still has a team.

  • Geno

    Maybe we in the Bronx have been treating visiting Blue Jay fans too nicely. I think we need to fine-tune this level of hospitality in light of recent events. Oh wait I forgot – the Blue Jays don’t have any fans.