In with the new boss; out with the old


The Yankees announced this morning that Hal Steinbrenner has been elected Chairman of the Board of Yankee Global Enterprises, LLC. The last person to hold that position was Steve Swindal. So I’d say this move now makes Hal the heir-apparent to King George.

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  • Brian

    Is Hal the older one or the younger? The business guy or the baseball guy? I always get them mixed up.

  • mg

    Would it be wrong of me to hope that Swindal is still gonna be negotiating any potential contract extension for Torre? I can’t help but hope that something prevents him from coming back next year. I’d love to have a manager who understood how to manage a pen and adapted to players struggles. I also would love a manager who didn’t think Melky was a lead off hitter.

  • dan

    Well he’s not in George’s office yet, so Cashman still holds the power for players and staff unless the boss says otherwise.