It’s far from over

You can't please all of the people all of the time
Hawaii Winter Baseball rosters announced

For the division:

W L Pct. GB
Red Sox 90 61 .596
Yankees 86 64 .573 3.5

For the Wild Card:

W L Pct. GB
Yankees 86 64 .573
Tigers 83 68 .550 3.5

So, with everything else being equal (though it never is), the Yanks have as good a shot of missing the playoffs as they do of winning the AL East. I like those odds.

You can't please all of the people all of the time
Hawaii Winter Baseball rosters announced
  • Ben K.

    I’m going to write this up later if I have time, but we should also all appreciate that, because of the Yanks’ fine work on Sunday, they no longer have to outright win the division to capture the AL East title. They won the season series with the Red Sox; all they to do is tie.

    • Joseph P.

      Not to mention the fine work on Friday.

      • Relaunch

        I know its wishfull thinking to win the division, but I could care less how they get in. As long as they get in.

        • Mike A.

          I hear ya, but beating the Red Sox is just so much fun. The important thing is that we head into the playoffs hot. When that team is clicking on all cylinders, it’s practically unbeatable.

  • Mike 44

    I’m going to echo the sentiments of Max Kellerman and say that the Tigers catching the Red Sox would be the greatest thing that ever happened. Though its basically impossible at this point.

    • Relaunch

      Yanks have to continue to play well. The Tigers next 3 series after the indians are Royals, Twins (we suck), and White Sox. On paper, it looks like the Yanks have a similar schedule but they have played like shit against TB, Baltimore, and Toronto (8-6against them)

  • Jon

    You might even say that all things being equal, we have a better chance of catching the Sox than of being caught by the Tigers, because Detroit is 4 back in the loss column, but we’re only 3 back of Boston in the loss column (i.e. the Tigers and Red Sox have both lost the “extra” game).

    I’m still going for the division. A long shot for sure, but if we finish with the best record (admittedly highly unlikely that we catch Cleveland, Boston, AND LA) having the choice of which series to play as well as home field advantage is pretty big.

    Hey, if we catch Boston and we both make it to the ALCS, home field advantage there could be huge.

    Not to mention keeping the division title streak alive and being able to think back to being 14.5 back of the Sox and coming back to win.

    • Joseph P.

      And being able to rub it in the face of everyone who felt the need to say, back in June, that it was over.

      • brad k

        I agree with what your saying but I would like to point out that a lot of the people saying it was over in June were Yankee fans right here on this blog (and others). I read the blogs every day and I have to tell you it’s been my fellow Yanks fans doing a lot of bashing. I mean who cares what Mike Golic thinks of the Yanks. He’s an ex-football player with one to many hard hits. I do care what the Yankee faithful have to say though. Too many fair weather fans for my taste. I’m glad we draw over 4 million/year now but some of today’s fans aren’t what I would “true Yankee” fans!!

  • Mike A.

    I know they’ve got the best record in the league, but does anyone seriously think the Red Sox are the best team in baseball right now?

    • Jon

      No way. Gammons even said the Yankees are the best in the AL. Boston is far from the team they were in the 1st half. Matsuzaka and Okajima are gassed. Manny is hurt. Youkilis is hurt (well, ok, maybe we shouldn’t talk about that one). Wakefield has been awful since returning – his back could still be hurting, or it could be just random knuckleballer luck, but either way…

      Despite how good he was on Sunday, Schilling’s velocity is down. I guess he’s a capable #2 but really their rotation doesn’t scare anyone.

      Not that the Yankees don’t have their problems, but I’d be scare if I were a Sox fan.

      I have to give a lot of credit to Theo though – when asked towards the end of the 1st half if he thought the Sox were a lock to win the division, he said something along the lines of “No way – the Yankees have had a lot of bad luck and lot of injuries, and we’ve been healthy – chances are we’ll have some injuries in the second half and we can be caught.” Basically the Yankees’ first half has been like Boston’s 2nd half. Let’s be happy we recovered from ours, while theirs is coming heading into the playoffs.

      • Mac

        There is no freaking way that Boston’s second half is as bad as the Yanks first half. Like, just, no.

        Boston has been simply average to mediocre in the second half, which is nowhere near absolutely dismal, which is what the yanks were. The yanks first half struggles were just freaking epic–from Chase Wright thrill rides to the completely useless Pavano (who actually pitched well in his last start this year vs the Twins, annoyingly enough) to Cano and Abreu going on vacation–it was just a freaking nightmare. To be where we are now is simply extraordinary.

    • Marcus

      Dayn Perry seems to think so.

      No doubt their offense is suspect. Outside of Lowell, Ortiz, and Pedroia, I don’t see how they are scoring runs. But when you have the likely Cy Young, and one of the top 3 closers in the game, you’ve got the basis for a good playoff run.

      But I just can’t see them beating the Yankees in the ALCS.

      • Mike A.

        I don’t think I could physically take a Yanks-Sox ALCS if even half the games are like the one we saw Sunday, my heart may just crap out. Don’t get me wrong, I love good baseball, that was just beyond intense.

        And if they do meet in the ALCS, you just know it’s going 7 games.

        • Relaunch

          I agree 100%. It was fun maybe before, but it is really stressful to watch.

        • NYFan50

          It’s draining to the players as well. The Yanks usually come out and play like crap after a Sox series.

          • Mac

            I don’t know if I could take a Boston vs Yanks ALCS simply because what would that be, 7 straight games all of which are nearly 5 hours long? That’s almost a whole work week right there for some people. And then, on top of that, there is that whole stressful element too….

  • Mitch

    All I know about baseball is that if there is a mathmatical chance, there’s always a chance. Ugly as it may be.