May 2nd, 2007

Near no-no for Scranton
Game 137: Just win baby

On that date, I first referred to Ian Kennedy as IPK.

Fast forward 4 months and you’ll see that blogging juggernauts Peter Abraham and No Maas have begun to freely use the moniker.

I’m not looking to gloat or anything like that, I just think it’s pretty cool that it’s spread like it has, and hopefully I get a tiny bit of credit for it somewhere down the line.

Near no-no for Scranton
Game 137: Just win baby
  • dan

    dont worry, your idea will always hold a place in my heart. and i think someone else used mini-moose too recently

  • John

    I’ll give you a nod the next time I use it.

  • Lil Jimmy Norden

    i remember seeing that actually. but im not sure how much that will matter in the public mind im sorry to say. who named mattingly hitman? i dont think the average joe can tell you. i have no idea either. granted it was before the internet age, but still.

    you can always name the blog river ave blues. brought to you by the gents that coined IPK :)

  • Count Zero

    What John said.

    Honestly, I picked it up off someone on BB sometime in May and have been using it ever since, but I never knew where it originally came from…

  • yankeefan

    hughes vs. buchholz isnt lookin good for hughes…….hopefully hes just getting comfortable with his new mechanics and can get his velocity back

    • Jersey

      Not good for Hughes thus far, but give him time.

  • barry

    lol thats what I’ve been calling him, it just stuck bro, props

  • gotrojans

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but the IPK nickname goes back to his USC days.