Not to rub it in or nothing…


…but Engel Betre, better known as one of the guys the Red Sox traded for Eric Gagne, just ranked as the number 2 prospect in the Rookie level Arizona League.

Open wound, insert salt.

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  • Casper

    This is completely off-topic but it just popped into my head… Can someone find that article, written earlier this year by a Boston sportswriter, proclaiming the race was over and the Sox had the division won? Must have been Shaughnessy.

    • Mike A.

      I couldn’t find it via a quick google search, but I did find this.

  • yankz

    Check out from a couple days ago.

    • Casper

      Awesome, thanks.

  • Tommy

    Oh, yeah, and he’s 17 too.

  • steve (different one)

    i hope he turns into Pujols.