Preliminary schedule has Yanks ending 2008 on the road

For all you Red Sox fans out there
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Apparently, those responsible for creating MLB’s schedule aren’t fond of the Yankees. On the final day of the 2008 season, the last season for one of the most historic ballparks in the game, the Yankees are tentatively slated to be playing a game at Fenway Park. Har har, schedulers. That was a good one. Now hand out the real schedule to teams.

Even worse than playing the final game of the 2008 season in Fenway is that the Mets, also slated to have a new park in 2009, are home. So you’re going to allow the Mets to have a fond farewell to the biggest shithole stadium in probably all of sports, but are forcing the Yankees on the road? That’s fucking ridiculous.

Feeney said scheduling both New York teams to end the season at home is “not impossible, but it’s difficult,” adding, “there are a lot of issues when both teams are home.”

I know that I’m biased, but it would seem that the closing of Yankee Stadium, home of 26 World Championships, is a tad more important than the demolition of Shea. After all, who’s going to miss their stadium more, Yankees fans or Mets fans? If you had to think about that for more than a millisecond, get off my site.

Yes, I realize that regardless of whether it’s the last game of the season or not, there will still be a final game at the Stadium. Why wouldn’t you make it the last game of the season, though? It gives everything a sense of finality — that is, until the playoffs.

For all you Red Sox fans out there
The Red Sox fan-on-the-field caption contest vote
  • Jim Johnson

    That is absolutely terrible.

    • Patrick

      Seconded. Blogger revolt! :)

  • Adam

    I think you answered your anger in that last line.

    MLB can schedule the Yanks final game away, because they know the real final game will be in the playoffs ;-)

  • sam

    Is there any actual reason why the mets and the yankees cant play home at the same time? The city of New York can host 140 some-odd heads of state each year for the UN but they cant play 2 baseball games at the same time? Come on.

  • Count Zero

    That’s effing preposterous! Even his excuse is preposterous. “There are a lot of issues…” What issues? The stadiums are in completely opposite directions. The only possible realistic congestion areas are GCT and the GW, and both of them funnel much more traffic for numerous other events.

    What a bunch of assholes.

  • Frank

    Sorry – anyone else see this:

    Joel Sherman on doing the color:

    Best quote: John Sterling, my partner for this night, gave me this piece of advice: “Don’t prepare at all.”

    Ha! no surprise there!

    • Joseph P.

      You can’t prepare, Frank, because you can’t predict baseball. Number mean nothing, because they mean nothing to the players.

      I hate John Sterling.

  • Lone

    That schedule is confirmed and messed up. It’s already set in stone

  • Mike R.

    What’s the big deal?? We’ll just wait for a home game to win the World Series instead of winning on the road.

  • dan

    One thing I’ll miss about shea is how easy it was to get on met fans for how shitty their stadium was.

  • ReiLLy

    I understand the anger and it would be nice to end the REGULAR season at home for the last REGULAR season game at Yankee stadium. I must stress REGULAR season. This is by no means the last ever game at yankee stadium. If the last REGULAR season game is the last game at yankee stadium than i will be pretty pissed. all goes accordinbg to plan, we will be play games at yankee stadium deep into october 2008. I love the idea of ending the regular season yankees red sox. imagine if that schedule was used this season. with the boys in pinstripes only 1 game back in the loss column, it would be INTENSE! I also hate Jon Sterling!!! He needs to go. As a die hard Yankee fan this is getting embarrassing.

  • your a bitch

    Shut up yankee stadium is the bigest shithole in the world I’ll be gald when its torn down. MLB is smart they want to end the misery as soon a possible

  • Bob Murphy

    Fuck You – Enjoy watching you’reoverpaid piece of shit team get knocked out of the playoffs tonights. Go Tribe.

  • DAVE