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It’s going to be a slow weekend in Yankee-land. With three games to relax and rest the regulars before the October grind, Joe Torre’s going to be playing a lot of Wilson Betemit and Shelley Duncan and not too much Derek Jeter and Hideki Matsui. I would like to see Ross Ohlendorf get into some games but more on that later.

Right now, I’d like to point you to some of the excellent work Tommy and Caleb are producing at Breaking Balls. Check it out:

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  • Frank

    I’m not buying the Santana rumor. That package is a starting point to a deal, not the final offer.

  • Marsha

    It will not be slow weekend in Yankee land if the Yanks sweep the Orioles and Boston keeps on losing. I’m rooting for going for division champs.

    • Ben K.

      If the Yanks win the division though it will be through dumb luck. Joe Torre isn’t going to go gung-ho at the division at the expense of resting guys – Jeter, Matsui, Melky, Rivera – who need rest. Mussina pitches tonight; Pettitte will throw 50-60 pitches tomorrow and who knows who’s pitching on Sunday? The Yanks can beat the Orioles using the B team, but they won’t actively try to win the division.

      • Marsha

        Last night’s B team did just fine.

    • Frank

      Yeah, I like the B team using the old Pedro approach – outlasting Kazmir then beating the bullpen.

      • Ben K.

        At the risk of evoking the ire of Bob, beating the Tampa Bay bullpen is about as easy as Paris Hilton.

        • Mike A.

          2004 called Ben, they want their joke back.