Report: A-Rod could play for, own Cubs


ESPN reports on a story in New York Magazine that says A-Rod could wind up owning and playing for the Cubs. I don’t see that happening at all, as the article states. I’ll have more on this story later tonight.

Update: Since I’m now home and off of my Blackberry, here’s a link to the non-mobile version of this article. Scott Boras is already denying it.

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  • Zack

    yeah, that ESPN report pretty much blows that story up as 100% bogus. No way would Bud allow that, and its 100% tampering. This stuff is ridiculous, and Boras is just trying to drive the price up for the Yanks

    • Adam

      What in the hell would Bud Selig do? Man’s a complete tool.

  • mg

    Yeah, that’s bs. I can’t imagine that the players union or MLB would allow that.

    • dan

      be careful: that would mean that the union and MLB actually agree on something

  • John

    Tampering. Clearly false.

    What would the Yankees get as compensation?

  • Jamie

    Will Leitch is getting some serious press from this article… that he basically fabricated that idiot. I love the line about how the Yankee team making fun of his ‘tic’ of him rotating his arm isn’t a “good sign” but rather the team disrespecting him.

    Wake up Will. You’re better than that.