• dan

    SHEL-LEY! SHEL-LEY! See, the players do care about the rivalry, it’s not just the fans and media that build it up.

  • Motown Yankees Fan

    So that autograph is bad, but clearly throwing a fastball at Jason Giambi is somehow OK? I don’t know what that mom thought about the Jason beaning but I have to wonder. Plus, did Shelly write that, do we know that for a fact. (If he did, hilarious, but I need more evidence than the word of a kid decked out in Red Sox garb before I jump to any conclusion).

  • Count Zero

    Probably unwise on his part, but I like it. :-)

  • yankz

    Rookie mistake on Duncan’s part, but hilarious nonetheless.

  • Jeb

    Poor little baby! He could sell the thing on EBAY now with a link to the story and probably make $1000 just for the “one of a kind” nature of the thing. I wish I could get Papi to sign a ball with “BUFFETS ARE GREAT!!” as the inscription, or maybe Dai-SUCK could sign one that says “$100 Million buys you a 4.41 ERA, YAY!”

  • Mac

    I am sorry, that’s just amazing. And hopefully it was done in good humor–regardless, it just elevates Duncan even further into the realm of Kickass.

  • http://yardisryahoo.com Yardisiak

    He is now my favorite player, love it.

  • eddie s.

    oh,and we all know how offensive the word suck is to red sox fans

  • DKA

    teach ’em while they’re young…

  • Freddy

    Shelley rules.

  • paul

    Shelly duncan is the man. and who cares about the kid.. and his mom is probably one of those parents who sends thier kid to “Just for fun baseball”… the little league where they dont keep score because “everyone is a winner”.. complete b.sh1t. if i were the kid, id frame and never let go.. let his hatred be fueled even more…

  • Mike R.

    In an age where athletes are more and more apathetic towards the fans Shelley Duncan gave this kid so much more than an autograph. He gave him a life lesson. Don’t go asking for a Yankees autograph with a Red Sox Hat and jersey on!!! Would you go to an interview at Pepsi wearing Coca-Cola gear? This kid will be a better person for this.

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  • alex


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