The best trade never made

One million thanks
It's so much fun to say: 2 1/2 games out

Anyone for Eric Gagne. He’s done more to help the Yanks while on the Red Sox than he would have done in the Bronx. Hands down.

PS Who isn’t lovin’ Derek Jeter right now? 11 for his last 27. He wants that division title really badly.

One million thanks
It's so much fun to say: 2 1/2 games out
  • John

    With the way he is pitching, do you think that Gange might not be a Type A free agent in the offseason? A 4.18 ERA with a 1.37 WHIP does not look like a top 20% reliever to me. I realize that the rankings include more than 1 season, but it is kind of hard to rate Gagne’s 06 season, seeing that he pitched 2 innings.

  • Bill

    “Who isn’t lovin’ Derek Jeter right now?” For real? You mean that there are Yankee “fans” who soured on DJ when, playing with banged-up wheels, he let his BA slip down to .315 or something? Talk about what have you done for me lately.

  • Jake T

    I live in Boston and i listened last night to two guys on talk radio complain about how Manny wasn’t toughing it out and Jeter was. The conclusion by a sox commentator: “If your waiting for Manny to become the gamer that Derek Jeter is your going to be waiting a long time, because it just isnt gonna happen.”

  • Freddy

    To quote Tim Kurkjian “To think…people actually call Derek Jeter overrated.”

    So true.

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  • The Scout

    And has anyone heard Steve Phillips lately on why the Yankees won’t make the play-offs but the Mets will?