• John

    With the way he is pitching, do you think that Gange might not be a Type A free agent in the offseason? A 4.18 ERA with a 1.37 WHIP does not look like a top 20% reliever to me. I realize that the rankings include more than 1 season, but it is kind of hard to rate Gagne’s 06 season, seeing that he pitched 2 innings.

  • Bill

    “Who isn’t lovin’ Derek Jeter right now?” For real? You mean that there are Yankee “fans” who soured on DJ when, playing with banged-up wheels, he let his BA slip down to .315 or something? Talk about what have you done for me lately.

  • Jake T

    I live in Boston and i listened last night to two guys on talk radio complain about how Manny wasn’t toughing it out and Jeter was. The conclusion by a sox commentator: “If your waiting for Manny to become the gamer that Derek Jeter is your going to be waiting a long time, because it just isnt gonna happen.”

  • Freddy

    To quote Tim Kurkjian “To think…people actually call Derek Jeter overrated.”

    So true.

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  • The Scout

    And has anyone heard Steve Phillips lately on why the Yankees won’t make the play-offs but the Mets will?