The longest day of the season

Fan-on-the-Field Photo Caption Contest, Redux

Today is going to be the longest day off of the season. When all we want is more baseball, when all we want is for the Yanks to keep on going with this miraculous run, the schedule throws an off-day our way.

The Yanks, sitting pretty just 1.5 games behind the Red Sox for the East and 5.5 games up in the Wild Card race, have a date with the dance in October all but sewn up. Yet, we have to wait today. We have to wait for a team that we shouldn’t underestimate, a team that just swept Boston and throws some seriously good pitchers at us this weekend, to come to town.

So as we while away the time with a caption contest that will return later this morning, let’s reset our favorite picture: The race for the AL East title. The Yanks are just one out game out in that ever-important loss column. What do they need to go to tie for the division lead which would technically hand them the division crown?

If the Red Sox go… then the Yanks have to go…
0-9 2-8
1-8 3-7
2-7 4-6
3-6 5-5
4-5 6-4
5-4 7-3
6-3 8-2
7-2 9-1
8-1 10-0

And this is what I call a pennant race.

Fan-on-the-Field Photo Caption Contest, Redux