• Jersey

    I’ve been visiting that site quite a bit over the past week. It is cracking me up almost every time.

  • dan

    where did they even come up with that graph? He seems to have some kind of crystal ball that says Juan Miranda will be out of professional baseball by the time he’s 30 (making $0). It also says that clippard has been worth next to nothing while he somehow managed to lead all of the minors in K’s from 2004-2006

  • Count Zero

    Did you see the one on Tuesday (also featured on FJM!)? I like that they hired a copy editor after Ken T posted this comment:

    “This is painful. Pags, sweetheart — have you ever read…anything? If you haven’t, you should. If will help you communicate better with your audience. This sentence appears to have been first “written” in sign language by a Russian chimp, and then translated into English by a Chinese businessman who learned English from old soap operas.”

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Well, the important thing is that he tried.

  • dan

    also, i just noticed, he fails to explain how to correctly evaluate a prospect himself. he just says how everyone sucks at it, and if you’re really good at it then you’re going to be better than everyone else…. my brain is crying inside.

  • C-Note

    WTF was that? I took statistics in college, ok, I didn’t get an A but I freaking passed and I couldnt make heads or tails of this

    If Giambi starts today at first I’m taking some Valium & Scotch before gametime

  • Joe

    Pags is becoming the Don King of Baseball, just stringing things together hoping people marvel at his ability to put phrases together, but ignoring the fact that it doesn’t make any sense