Yanks to torture fanbase tonight


Roger Clemens is scratched again. Kei Igawa is pitching. Thanks to Pete Abraham for breaking it to us.

I really don’t want to watch this game tonight.

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  1. Ben K. says:

    The Ghost of Kei Igawa returns!

  2. mg says:

    Oh goody. I wonder if we could get him to take the mound dressed as the flying butt monkey.

  3. Gibb says:

    seriously, if anyone doubts the marketing power of roger clemens, i’m pretty sure that a good percentage of the yankee fan base just went from definitely wanting to watch clemens try to clinch to not even bothering to check if igawa still sucks.

  4. Jersey says:

    Wonder what’s in my Netflix queue for tonight…

  5. Tripp says:

    Great move. A guy who has pitched .1 innings in the last month is starting tonight…I guess it’s all they have at this point.

  6. Andrew says:

    Let’s go Minnesota!

  7. Count Zero says:

    Who, oh who, is gonna’ be our game 3 starter in the ALDS…

  8. RichYF says:

    Pretty sure I started laughing so hard that I have to watch this game. I hope he pitches a gem to shut all you naysayers up! Nope, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t make that statement with a straight face.

  9. Freddy says:

    Our Father who art in Heaven,
    Hallowed be Thy name…

  10. Batty says:

    Wow, just swallowed my gum. Somehow I feel like that will still be more pleasurable than tonight’s game.

  11. JS says:

    I’d rather have the corpse of Ed Whitson than the Ghost of Kei Igawa.

  12. You guys just wait – 6 IP, 2 ER, 5Ks for the Igawna tonight.

  13. [...] raise your hands: Who among you had Kei Igawa tabbed as the starter who could clinch the Yanks’ postseason berth? In a way, it’s fitting that Igawa is [...]

  14. Frank says:

    I’m going against the grain left and right today. I haven’t given up yet on Igawa based on his AAA numbers:

    11 GS, 68.1 IP, 3.69 ERA, 15 BB, 71 K, 10 HR, 1.21 WHIP

    Obviously it’s the HR’s that kill him. But he does show that he can miss bats and with a very good K:BB rate. With numbers like those, he’s shown he has the talent to be a back of the rotation guy – as Cash said when they signed him. And going into next year, he’s probably #7 on the organization depth chart until Horne and Marquez establish themselves at AAA.

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