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Game 150: Avoiding the inevitable let-down
It's far from over

Briefly on tonight’s game: With a very shaky Kyle Farnsworth on the mound — you jinxed him, Mike — Torre turned to Mariano Rivera to get a one-out save. Rivera gave up an RBI to Aubrey Huff before striking out Melvin Mora, the potential tying run, to end the game. In the 9th, Torre had two choices: Use someone else in a four-run game to give Rivera the night off or go with the best available option to nail down the save.

If Torre goes with someone else and that someone else coughs up the lead, Torre gets roasted. If Torre goes with Rivera in a sheer sign of desperation and overuses his best reliever some more, Torre get roasted. So it’s a no-win situation in a game that adds another tally to the Yanks’ win column.

I pose the question to you then: What do you do in the 9th inning? Do you go with Rivera even after he threw 29 pitches the night before or do you turn the ball over to one of the other guys in the pen, say Ross Ohlendorf or Chris Britton, and hope they can retire someone from the bottom of the Orioles’ lineup without giving up four runs?

Game 150: Avoiding the inevitable let-down
It's far from over
  • Stuart

    go with rivera that is a no brainer. the yhave no one in there pen except mo, viz, and joba the rest are a joke… mo has pitched in 62 games his use this yr. is veery reasonable…

    torre has only bad choices in the pen usually unless the starter goes 7…

  • E-ROC

    Farns should have gotten the job done. He didn’t or Torre didn’t trust him to finish the job so he brought the hammer. Got the win nailed down. This is Farnsdearth’s fault. Rivera should have gotten the entire day off because of Gagne’s blunder on Sunday. When Torre doesn’t trust u to finish the job, you know u suck. I know that Torre finds Ohlendorf “intriguing” so hopefully, he’ll be given some chances to earn Torre’s trust. I hope Chris Britton isn’t in Torre’s dog house. Wasn’t Farnsdearth dealing before this hiccup??

  • steve

    torre had to do whatever it took to win that game … if that means rivera has to pitch, then he has to pitch. that would have been a devastating loss.

  • Frank

    Yup, Rivera. I suppose you could argue that another pitcher (Bruney? Britton?) could have been asked to do the 9th inning. But a 4 run lead should have been safe for Farns.

  • yanksphan

    Break the Joba Rules

  • DKA

    I think the only poor choice Torre made last night was actually leaving Edwar in there for too long. While he’s a great “change of pace” guy, and absolutely did the job coming in for Phil, he becomes awfully exposed once you leave him in there for more than a few batters. As much as I love Phil, he was clearly headed for one of his funks, had already pitched enough for the victory, and it was a must-win game. I liked Joe pulling him there. Farnsworth simply has to pitch some time, and had been pitching fairly well lately. In the end, though, must win game, and you bring in your best in a must-win game.

    • Joseph P.

      I was at a meeting while Edwar was pitching, so I can’t speak to his performance. However, I think that the general statement that he “becomes awfully exposed once you leave him in there for more than a few batters” is simply false.

      The thing with Edwar is that he needs everything going right to remain effective. If he’s keeping his fastball low and on the corners, he’s going to murder you for two innings. If the fastball isn’t working, then yes, he’s very prone after a few batters.

      I’m supposing his fastball wasn’t doing the trick last night.

      • brxbmrs

        If I remember correctly, Markaikis (sp) hit a double off a high FB (Edwar wasn’t getting the FB down), I don’t remember what Brian Roberts hit (but he’s a Royal PITA no matter who is pitching) and Tyke Redman actually stayed back a long time on a good change up and got the ball up the middle.

        Still like Edwar, alot – think he’d benefit from more consistent use – and I think you have a good point – he’s going to need all his stuff working for him to be effective – but I think he can get it done.

        He came up big with the bags juiced and all the stuff he gave up in the 6th was after two were out.

        As for what Torre could have done different, inre Farnsy, got no problem with giving Farnsy the shot and going to Mo. I think we may see Ohlendorf get a few more chances instead of Farnsy in a 9th inning situation like that – big lead.

        It does beg the ? what do we have should we play in the post season – I think then its Joba, Mo, Viz and Edwar – Viz wasn’t throwing hard last night, but he was effective – how well the Yanks are going to avoid overworking him is going to be key.

      • DKA

        I can see that as well. Wasn’t he being used in shorter situations in AAA before the call-up, though? That’s the impression I seem to remember from reading the DOTF posts on here. Could be off on that, though.

        I do agree with those who has that his secondary pitch is not good enough yet for him to get maximum effect off that changeup. Let’s hope that changes over the winter. It’s hard not to root for him.

        • brxbmrs


          I didn’t check his minor league game log (too lazy), but my recollection was he was used alot and frequently for more than 1 inning and he of course was devastating.

  • Marsha

    I agree with Stuart–a no-brainer. This was a must-win game on 2 fronts and you go with the pro.

  • Rob_in_CT

    I think Torre was right to try and close the game w/o Mo. I might have actually stayed with Farnsworth vs. Huff, and then gone to Mo had Farns failed to get Huff out.

    Having said that, yeah, no-win situation.

  • mg

    I think he made the right moves last night. He tried to save Mo but Farnsworthless just wasn’t gonna hear of it. What can ya do?

    Normally I’m the first person to snipe Torre from the bushes, but I think he probably made the right choice here. The reality is that he wouldn’t be in as tight a spot if he’d managed the pen more effectively through the season though.

    • Relaunch

      Farnsworth is the only pitcher that you hate when he pitches and when he doesn’t pitch

      • Joseph P.

        The only one? I dunno, I hated Mike Stanton (the second time around) a lot.

  • cbeck3

    Going to Mo was OK. Too bad it was required.

    We now have 4 in the loss against Detroit. Hopefully we’ll play them even or better in the next few games and be able to rest all the key guys for the playoffs in the last 4 games

    • mg

      A shame indeed. I wish Farnsworthless showed us he could pitch and not just throw. Nothing like having a great arm and no brain.

  • brad k

    is it too much to ask a highly paid reliever like farnsworthless to come in and get the job done? I would have put in Keith Olbermmans mom before I would ever give farnsworth the ball again.

    Go with Bruney or Britton can’t do any worse.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I think Torre made the right moves last night.

    He should not have had to use Mo, but he did and that wasn’t his fault. It was Farnsworthless’s fault. As others have said, F gets paid to do something he doesn’t do. We need to find a stop gap measure who isn’t Mo but last night wasn’t the time to go looking for it.

  • Mike A.

    You gotta bring in Mo. Can’t let a chance to pick up a game on the Tigers & BoSox away. Stupid Farnsworth makes me look like an idiot.

    But like you said Ben, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  • Relaunch

    I doubt Mo will be available tonight. I have no idea who they will use since Meltdown will only pitch 6innings max, Viz should prob not be used, either can Joba and Farnsworth. Hopefully Torre will be forced to use Russ tonight instead of causing Viz to have a sore shoulder

  • Relaunch

    I hope you are joking. There is no comparison with the hatred people have between Farnsworth and Stanton

  • Relaunch

    Joe P, how come when I have been hitting the reply tab, i only works some of the time?

    • Joseph P.

      Hmmm…I don’t know. Make sure that when you click it, the “reply to” box on the bottom targets the comment to which you want to reply. If it says “Post” in the drop-down box, then it will start a new comment thread.

      And yes, the Stanton comment was in jest. Mondesi might be the only Yankee that fans have hated more, and even he doesn’t come close to Farns.

  • Mike 44

    I was fine with Rivera in there for the simple fact that you never know what you are going to get the next day. Its entirely possible that the Yankees win or lose by 10 today in which case Rivera wouldnt be used anyway. Might as well get the sure win.

  • Michael T

    One of the few games all year that I would have played it exactly like Joe. (Except for he no-brainers of course).

  • James d

    I think it’s a no-brainer. While the concerns are legitimate, I think they get overwhelmed by the need to get a sure win and there already being two outs. If it’s a full inning, it may be a different story.
    Even if it leaves the Yanks in a jam tonight, in a sense, it’s just trading nights. And maybe tonight, they win anyway. Or so we hope.