And we’re back


Sorry for the extended down time. We were too depressed about last night’s game to keep up the site. Just kidding. Hosting problems.

Continue bemoaning what is only a game one loss here. And remember: The Yanks are 5-0 in DS history after losing game 1 and just 2-5 when winning game 1. Hooray for meaningless stats.

  • marc

    i think this is my first stress-less post season. Usually i have anxiety and all that garbage but this year i’m so happy i got to watch Phil, Joba and Ipk and the great regular season games that im like quasi-content… don’t knwo what the hell is wrong with me but im more worried about Joba losing a lead for us and how he’ll come back from it than whether we win the series or not… also. man did Phil look good last night or what?

    • Mac

      Agreed. I was very upset about last night’s game up until Hughes came in to pitch. And then it was al good, cause he was just completely beast.

  • marc

    In all honesty, if arod leaves in 3 weeks, this team is 2 years from a serious changing of the guard in yankee land… your gonna have potentially 3 25 year olds with 3 years of experience… no posada, no rivera, no arod, no matsui, no damon, no giambi, no abreu…. maybe itll take a few years of losing and learning but man it could be real fun to have joba, phil, ipk, wang and whomever.. with some bullpen guys like melancon, garcia, cox, sanchez, ohlendorf, maybe chase wright (who i still really like.. lefties take a while but once they learn they are suprisingly effective with less than great stuff). I understand injuries always come into play and jetes will be 36 years old but Robbie could come into his own, A-jax, tabata and maybe a few others comin around. mix in some dollars and good spending and you could have a seriously talented young team in a new ballpark building new memories. how many teams rebuild and win 95 games every year like we have… you cant disregard that.

  • marc

    i wonder what will happen to these other teams in 3 years when our payroll is 100 mill, think of the money other teams and mlb will lose out on. its insane but all the revenue sharing cash, and luxury tax dollars won’t allow all these teams to lock up their young talent and then we have the resources to it ourselves. Even if cleveland sweeps (which i don’t think is gonna happen at all) this year we got to see all this progress with young pitchers, we found Joba?! and how awsome is that… i alays wanted this group to get the one for the thumb but even without it, man have we seen some awsome stuff in the past 10 years. more than other teams fans see in a lifetime.

  • Relaunch

    These are sad posts. Basically all of you are saying “hey, I don’t give a shit what happens this sereis, I got to see IPK, Hughes, and Joba pitch”

    There is a time to talk about that, that time is in November.